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~OLTL Spoilers & Discussion~; Sept. 2010
Topic Started: Aug 26 2010, 11:13 PM (2,088 Views)
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Daytime Royalty

(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- It was only a matter of time before speculation began about the the possibility of Roger Howarth returning to his "One Life to Live" roots soon after word broke late last year that CBS' "As The World Turns" would be ending its 54-year run on television. Now nine months later, Soap Opera Network has learned exclusively that Howarth will indeed be returning to the ABC soap in the near future.

"You thought the tease a couple weeks back with Tea proclaiming this isn’t Todd as she pointed to a picture of Roger Howarth was not the start of something bigger? Think again," says a setside source.

Speaking of Tea [Delgado], rumors have been running rampant that portrayer Florencia Lozano is out now that her character looks to be on death's door. When pressed for comment, an ABC spokesperson would only say "tune in tomorrow for Tea's fate."

A first airdate for Howarth has not been set, but we've been told to expect him on screen as early as December or January. But what does news of Howarth's return mean for Trevor St. John? It wouldn't be much of a stretch for the actor to have been playing an impostor after all this time as he originally joined the cast in May 2003 in the role of Walker Laurence, only to be revealed to be Todd Manning albeit with plastic surgery in August of that same year. We've been assured, however, that the actor's job is not in any danger.

Earlier this week there was a big deal made out of a "One Life to Live" cast meeting, which took place earlier today at the shows Manhattan studio. Could Howarth's return have been on the agenda at the big meeting? Will he be the real Todd Manning or will "One Life to Live" pull a "General Hospital" and have Howarth return as a new character leaving St. John in the role of Todd ala how "GH" handled the return of Sarah Joy Brown, who originated the role of Carly Corinthos only to find Laura Wright occupying the role? Stay tuned to find out.

"One Life to Live" airs Weekdays on ABC. Anytime on ABC.com."


Via Daytime Confidential:

Starr-Crossed No More. Don't be surprised if you see Cole Thornhart heading out of Llanview soon. Sources say Brandon Buddy really is exiting the sudser. Word is, Buddy's tweet in June about leaving One Life to Live was the real deal all along, however the brass "encouraged" him to recant the social networking slippage. You may remember, Buddy claimed a hacker broke into his account and posted that he was quitting his J-O-B. SPOILER ALERT: Look for Cole to exit alive, but not exactly well.


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- Fall begins to heat up in Llanview.

Kearran Giovanni returns as Dr. Vivian Wright on Thursday, September 2nd, when the doc and her colleague and former lover Greg each vie to become Llanview Hospital's new Chief of Staff. Also look for Vivian to give Jessica some medical advice. The character was last seen in February when she accompanied her current boyfriend (and Greg's brother) Shaun to watch Snoop Dogg's performance at Capricorn.

Remember the audition script that was released last month for a Tahiti Cop? While the name of the actor cast in the bit part is unknown, expect the scenes to play out on screen starting on September 2nd as well. Watch for John to arrive in Tahiti after learning that Eli has been taken into custody on the tropic Pacific island, only to discover that the man under arrest is really Eli's brother Ross.

Kassie DePaiva reveals that she recently taped a bunch of scenes, tweeting on Monday (August 16th) that she was "Coming off work week where I shot 14 episodes" before going on vacation. DePaiva also states that gets "Do a little fundraising 4 CHC & write beautiful song (hopefully 4 'OLTL') with great songwriter Victoria Shaw."

Jerry verDorn revealed last week in his fan club newsletter that "What a storyline we just started for 'OLTL'/Clint. Family in-fighting, dirty play, a new romance and a new employee at Buchanan Enterprises. Plus some bombshell castings news." While the casting part of his statement remains a mystery at this time, we can tell you that Clint wants to groom a certain member of the next generation of the Buchanan clan for a future at BE. His decision will be met with resistance from family and friends, however, who feel that the youngster is crossing over to the "dark side." Also, Clint meets and takes a shine to a certain young lady who shares a connection to another member of his family.

And Matt Walton and his wife Alecia have become parents for a second time. On August 4th, they welcomed baby boy Greyson James into the world. Walton commented to Soap Opera Digest shortly before the birth that "It's been wild. Everything's been falling into place." The Waltons also have another son, Ava, who is five.

"One Life to Live" airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on ABC.com and SOAPnet.com. Check local listings.


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- Less than a week after news broke that longtime "Guiding Light" star Kim Zimmer was returning to "One Life to Live" to reprise the role of Echo DiSavory (which she last played in 1983), comes word that she has already begun taping scenes for her October 1st return to Llanview.

Zimmer posted the following message on her fan site last week "Hi all! Yes it's true I will be re-visiting the halls of One Life To Live starting this week on Thurs. [August 19th]. I'm very excited to be working with old friends and new ones. I believe Oct. 1st is my first air date."

In addition, her new co-star Melissa Archer (Natalie) tweeted on the same day that "I had a great morning working with Erika Slezak, Brian Kerwin, & KIM ZIMMER!!!!" Archer then proceeded to embrace Zimmer, tweeting "Welcome to 'OLTL!!' Great working with you today!!"

Terrell Tilford (Greg), who worked with Zimmer on "Guiding Light" from 1998-2001, also welcomed her to the set saying that he was "thrilled Kim Zimmer is joining 'OLTL' ... one of the absolutely most down-to-earth people in this crazy business. Her whole family is great! Can't wait to kiss her face! Just had the most incredible moment with Erika Slezak and Kim Zimmer...Icons! And so down to earth...love 'em! Great to see all the fans outside of ABC/NY studio...wow!!! Heading to set...let's get 'em... Yeah? But who?" And Matt Walton (Eli) wrote that "Kim Zimmer in da house!!!!!!"

The 55-year-old Zimmer has won four Daytime Emmys, in addition to several Soap Opera Digest Awards and Soap Opera Update MVP trophies.

In other news...

Andrea Sooch has been cast in the dayplayer role of Dorian's Secretary and will air on Monday, August 23rd. The actress appeared as Lena in two episodes of "All My Children" in 2007, and as Alice Henry in a 2007 episode of "Guiding Light." She has also guest starred in "Law & Order: Criminal Intent" and "The Shield."

Jason Tam (Markko) will be returning to "OLTL" this fall according to SOAPnet.com, despite rumors that the actor, who took the summer off from his day job to participate in a Shakespeare theater program, was leaving the show.

It appears that the stars of "OLTL" aren't the only ones pimping the show these days. Late last week Laura Wright (Carly) tweeted that "I heard from. Really good source to watch One Life to Live this week!!!!! It's gonna be GREAT!!!! Watch it and tell me what u think!!! Don't forget to watch One Life to Live. Crazy great week!!!"

The song "Talk Like the Streets" by Imaginary Friends, which was played during the Todd/Téa New York City 'bucket list' scenes, is now available for purchase on iTunes.

From the Twitter file...

Melissa Archer hints that there are some John and Natalie scenes ahead in the coming weeks, tweeting that she "Had so much fun working with Michael Easton today [August 17]!! Maternity clothes are pretty cute these days, maybe I should by a pillow & hang out in the expecting stores...thoughts? Had a great day [August 18th] working with Mr. Easton again!! I love this forensics stuff!" Also look some more scenes featuring Natalie, Jessica, and Brody tweeting to co-star Bree Williamson that "it was so nice working with you & Mark [Lawson] today [August 20th]!! I miss you!" And on August 17th she wrote that "I had fun working with Hillary [B. Smith] and Bobby [S. Woods] yesterday!! Have an awesome week beautiful!!"

Kassie DePaiva (Blair) tweeted on August 18th that she "Worked all day with Trevor [St. John], Billy [Warlock], Matt [Walton], & Michael [Easton]. Home relaxing with glass of wine. Jimmy took JQ to Jonas Brother's Camp Rock 2 Premiere."

And Lenny Platt (Nate) commented on August 17th that he had a "Great day. Had my first scenes with Michael Easton. Been looking forward to working with him since I started."

"One Life to Live" airs Weekdays on ABC. Weeknights on SOAPnet. Anytime on ABC.com and SOAPnet.com. Check local listings.


Spoilers and Previews -- Week of 8/30


On Monday, August 30, Cristian and Layla are offered opportunities that could separate them. "Anything could happen at this point," shrugs David Fumero (Cristian).... On Tuesday, August 31, Starr and Langston sign up for a writing class and learn that Ford will be their teacher.

OLTL After Dark

When Blair discovers that her dream has turned into a nightmare, she and Eli end up wrestling for a gun.

Jessica spins a web of lies when Viki catches her in a tight spot.

Todd wants to pay tribute to Tea.

Starr continues to be attracted to James and Cole has feelings for Hannah.

Natalie worries that John will find out that the child she is carrying might not be his.

Starr and Langston are surprised to see that Ford is now teaching at Llanview University.

Cristian and Layla find themselves pulled in different directions.

Starr and Langston learn Ford will be teaching their writing class.

Natalie remains concerned that John will uncover the truth.

Will Blair and Eli get married?

A fire starts in Tahiti.

Starr tells Todd she's planning a memorial service for Téa.

Ford and James reach an understanding.

Jessica lies when Viki sees her at the hospital.

Blair and Eli fight for the gun.

John heads for Tahiti.

John, Kelly, and Rex learn Ross is alive and well.

Starr discovers her mom is in extreme danger.

Clint plays with Dorian's emotions.


SON Alerts

Cristian and Layla find themselves pulled in different directions. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

Starr and Langston learn Ford will be teaching their writing class. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

Natalie remains concerned that John will uncover the truth. (ABC Soaps in Depth)

Will Blair and Eli get married? (Soap Opera Digest)

A fire starts in Tahiti. (Soap Opera Digest)

Starr tells Todd she's planning a memorial service for Téa. (Soap Opera Digest)

Ford and James reach an understanding. (Soap Opera Digest)

Jessica lies when Viki sees her at the hospital. (Soap Opera Digest)

Blair and Eli fight for the gun. (Cable Guide Spoilers)

John heads for Tahiti. (Cable Guide Spoilers)

John, Kelly, and Rex learn Ross is alive and well. (Cable Guide Spoilers)

Starr discovers her mom is in extreme danger. (Cable Guide Spoilers)

Clint plays with Dorian's emotions. (Cable Guide Spoilers)


Soap Central Tidbits

Layla gets an opportunity that could take her away from Llanview

John, Rex, and Kelly discover that Ross is alive

Langston is stunned to learn that Ford is her new teacher

Blair gets her hands on a gun

Natalie fears that John will know that the baby isn't his

Kelly and Rex find themselves growing closer


Daily Tidbits

Monday, 8/30
Will Blair say “I do” to Eli?
Cristian and Layla are offered opportunities that could separate them.
John, Kelly and Rex figure out that Ross is alive.

Tuesday, 8/31
Ford and James declare a truce.
Starr and Langston sign up for a writing class and learn Ford will be their teacher.
Blair points a gun at Eli.

Wednesday, 9/1
Starr learns that her mother is in danger.
Marty visits Hannah to tell her she knows she wasn’t the one who killed her baby.
Eli and Blair wrestle for a gun.

Thursday, 9/2
John takes off in search of Eli and Blair.
A fire breaks out in Tahiti.
Jessica makes excuses when Viki finds her at the hospital.

Friday, 9/3
Natalie worries John will figure out her baby isn’t his.
Starr tells Todd that she’s going to arrange a memorial service for Tea.
Kelly and Rex grow closer.

Source: SNS

Watch for John to arrive in Tahiti after learning that Eli has been taken into custody on the tropic Pacific island, only to discover that the man under arrest is really Eli's brother Ross. Eli continues to stay one step ahead of John......Kim Zimmer returns to OLTL as Echo DiSavoy in a role she created in 1983. Back then Echo had her sights set on Clint. Despite his marriage to his wife Viki he could not resist Echo. But what Clint didn't know was that Echo had an agenda, destroying his marriage and payback for his suspected role in the long ago death of her mother Gizelle. Echo planned her own death and made it look like Clint pushed her off a bridge. Dorian witnessed this from afar and declared Clint pushed her. Viki and Marco tracked down the very much alive Echo and she finally confessed and Clint was set free and Echo along with her brother Giles moved away. Look for Viki to get the surprise of her life when Echo returns to Llanview.


Fall Preview

-"Viki is going to have big story. Somebody from Viki's past is going to blow into town and shake up her world, " teases head writer Ron Carlivati. And Viki is not the only person who has a connection with her/him."

-"We have a big rivalry with Cole/James/Starr, and Hannah is only complicating matters. Those two forces of Hannah and James are pulling at the couple."

-"Two pregnant girls and three possible fathers. It's a great problem to have."

From SID:
The real reason why Tea has to DIE.

Yep, that's right, folks, OLTL's Tea is movin on, meaning FL is out. RC weighs in on the soaps controversial decision to kill the character off.

When a beloved character acquires cancer, viewers always anticipate a miraculous cure. However, that isn't the case for Tea, who succumbs to cancer this week. Although many consider it a shocking decision to kill off one of the soap's most popular heroines, Carlivati reveals that ultimately it boiled down to presenting an unexpected plot twist that viewers won't forget.

"It was a way to take the story to a new level," the wordsmith tells SID. "For a mother to have to say good bye and leave her child behind is probably one of the most heartbreaking things that someone can go through. We thought it would be a really emotional story and we could tell it from every angle" The plot twist also provided a forum in which Tea and Blair became frienemies, ending their ongoing feud. "It allowed us to really deepen the relationship"

In addition, the headwriter remarks that Tea's fatal diagnosis has also put another aspect of Todd's personality on display, because for once, his money and power weren't enough to save the love of his life. "To have Todd in a situation where he has to realize there's nothing he could do but be there for her shows real growth for the character," RC points out.

As for his own feelings about Tea, who first came to Llanview in 1997, RC doesn't mince words. "I love Tea". However, he admits that the way in which the story was written really left no hope for her to survive. "While there have been successes with a lot of brain tumors, we really set it up as the kind of tumor that is not something you can really recover from," explains RC. "We really did tie our hands in that way, but we really wanted to make it as serious and dire a diagnosis as you can have".

At press time, a rep for OLTL wouldn't release FL's final air date.


I'd take the final part about Tea with a grain of salt, I really dont think she'll die for real. With no final airdate and no exit interviews from FL, it seems fishy to me. Also with spoilers she'll "die" off screen it makes it even more fishy. She could indeed be out but I'm not buying it just yet.
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You are most welcome. I always liked Tea but more so lately. She even makes Todd (or is it fauxTodd?) likeable. I agree this story has been very well done. The casting folks also did a great job casting Dani, as I totally buy her as Todd/Teas kid, even with the screwy age stuff. Cant wait to see how it all plays out!
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Daytime Royalty

Blind Item:
How Dead Is Dead?

Think you've seen the last of One Life to Live's Florencia Lozano (Tea)? According to a setside source, the actress was still taping scenes as recently as last week. Is OLTL pulling a switcheroo?


With the recent announcement Brandon Buddy is out the newest announcement spoiled by SON is that Roger Howarth will return. ABC will only say "We don't comment on rumors". There are so many different scenarios that all I can say is we will just have to wait and see....Sources have now revealed that the so called big meeting was not to announce the return of Howarth, or that the show is being canceled, but to let all the actors know that tweeting and face book was to be only for personal use and not to discuss any stories or future stories, and in no way discuss any activity on set. They recently did the same at GH so I guess AMC is next. Talk about freedom of speech!!!!....How about dear old Uncle Clint putting David in jail for 20 yrs, but my darlings you ain't seen nothing yet! With David locked away for his trickery to get rid of Kim, now Clint will be going after Matthew to get even with Bo for taking Nora away. We have just seen the tip of the iceberg when Uncle Clint takes Matthew under his wing, you will be amazed how rotten this kid can really be. Will Bo and Nora realize in time what their son is becoming or will it be too late?....Where has Roxy Balsom been? Ilene Kristen is one of the most talented and respected actresses in soaps today and she hasn't worked in 3 months. She has over twenty five years of loyalty and dedication to the genre, and especially to ABC. Her character of Roxy Balsom is an inspiration and has much untapped potential. It's time she has her "own" story!


More Fall Previews:

Clint/Echo/Viki/Bo/Nora/Dorian/Inez: Viki has big story coming up. Echo comes back to town. She's tied to Viki's past and other characters as well. She'll shake things up for Clint/Viki/Dorian and some young characters. Clint becomes more like Asa. Clint has an agenda to get back at people who have wronged him. Clint takes an interest in Inez, who works for Bo.

Eli/Blair/Ross/Todd/Dani: Eli is pretty bad but there is some goodness in him and that's that his love for Blair is genuine. She's his weakness. Eli's love for Blair becomes a complication for him as he's trying to execute his plan. He did something to Tea's will that will play out after Tea's death. There's a reason why Eli needed Tea dead. There are a lot of twist and turns and everytime you think Eli is done, he comes back for more. Ross comes back and it will be a mystery as to how connected her is to his brother's schemes. Todd is in bad shape. He's trying to step up for Dani but he will be making bad choices. Todd leans on Blair since he's lost his wife.

Jessica/Brody/Natalie/John: Both sisters are trying to figure out who the father of their babies are. Brody and John are building a friendship so it will be an even bigger betrayal down the line. This can end with two happy endings, one happy ending, or zero happy endings. Brody's feelings for Natalie's baby may change when he learns that Jessica's might not be his.

Cristian/Layla: They get exciting news that complicates their wedding plans.

Kelly/Rex/Gigi: Kelly and Rex are still interacting and it goes beyond Eli stuff. There's a spark between them but right now they are just friends. Gigi and Rex are trying to get their relationship back on track.

LU: The college becomes a focus. Gigi will begin interacting with Cristian who now teaches there. Ford also teaches there. Langston, Starr, and James are starting college. Ford has fallen for Langtson. Starr and Cole are trying to make thinsg work. Starr is being pulled towards James and Cole is being pulled towards Hannah.

Sneak Peeks:

Blair & Eli marry. Cole confronts Ford. Destiny has harsh words for Matthew. Marty visits Hannah. John runs into Ross in Tahiti. Can't Miss: Friday, Sept. 3: Kelly and Rex grow closer.

Week Of 9/6: Natalie learns Jessica's baby may not be Brody's. Todd turns to Marty. Jessica tells Brody the truth. Brody goes after Ford.



Destiny thinks Matthew's personality is taking a dark turn. Clint asks Matthew to be his apprentice at Buchanan Enterprises on Tuesday, August 31. While Bo doesn't think it is a good idea, Matthew assures him it would be a good learning experience for him. Clint meets Inez and is intrigued to learn that she is working for Bo. Matthew doesn't like it that his dad hired Nate's mom. Elsewhere in Llanview, Clint surprises Dorian in her bedroom on Monday, August 30, and toys with her about being jilted once again by David. While planning for their wedding, Cristian learns he has received a grant to work on his art in association with a museum in Philadelphia, while Lalya is offered a job designing clothes in Paris. Greg and Vivian vie for the Chief of Staff position at the hospital on Thursday, September 2. Jessica talks with Vivian about receiving advance treatment for Rh disease, and is forced to lie after running into Viki while at the hospital. On Friday, September 3, Jessica tells Kelly that Ford's blood type doesn't match hers and that she'll need to get a shot to ensure the baby remains healthy. Brody and Natalie continue to feel guilty over lying to Jessica and John. And Natalie confides to Gigi her fear that John will find out the truth.

The Inside Story: Is the Third Time the Charm?

Despite suffering from a twinge of doubt, Blair proceeds with marrying Eli on Monday, August 30. Not long after the "I do's," Blair receives a call from Kelly, who tells her everything that John has found out about Eli. Now suspicious, Blair confronts her new husband about the murders of his first two wives, and asks if she is do be the third. At same time, John, Kelly, and Rex realize that Ross is alive. John is informed by the authorities in Tahiti that 'Eli' has been taken into custody. Meanwhile, Todd and Dani are devastated by Téa's 'death.' On Tuesday, August 31, Blair holds Eli at gunpoint, while John tells Bo he's headed to Tahiti to bring Eli back to Llanview. Todd comforts Dani. James promises Ford that he will stay away from Langston. James, Ford, and Nate call a truce. Starr dances around her feelings for James when questioned by Langston, reasserting that she loves only Cole. Langston tells Starr she will stop seeing James out of respect for her. James takes the news in stride, realizing what is really going on. And later, the girls are shocked to learn that Ford will be teaching their creative writing class at LU. Blair refuses to believe Eli's claims of innocence on Wednesday, September 1. However, he quickly realizes he must confess everything to his new bride. Still asserting that he really does love her, Eli tries to persuade Blair to go on the run with him. But, after learning the truth, she wants nothing more to do with him, and is ready to call the police. The newlyweds wrestle for the gun, which accidentally goes off.

A Closer Look: 'Til Death Do Us Part

Back in Llanview, Kelly and Rex stop by his loft, where she tells him how much she appreciates all his help. Ford explains to Cole that Eli was threatening him, when Cole confronts him for lying about Hannah attacking him. Starr learns her mother is in big trouble. Cole asks Nora about what will happen to Hannah now, to which she reminds him that she will still face charges that she obstructed justice. Marty visits Hannah to tell her that she now knows the truth. By Thursday, September 2, John arrives in Tahiti, were he is shocked to learn that it's actually Ross that has been taken into custody, and not Eli. Leaving Ross is deal with his own problems, John continues his search for Blair and Eli. Ross, meanwhile, manages to talk his way out of a tight spot. At the same time, Eli collapses after being shot. As Blair reaches over to see if he is still alive, an overturned oil lamp catches the curtains on fire. Despite her best efforts to stop the blaze, the fire continues to spread. John soon arrives on the scene and saves Blair, but is unable to rescue Eli. Todd and Dani return to Llanview. Destiny and Nate express their sympathy by having a bunch of food sent to Todd's house. Starr blasts Cole for keeping her in the dark about Eli. Langston doesn't buy Ford's explanation that she was one of the reasons he kept quiet. On Friday, September 3, Blair is unnerved when Eli's charred body is removed. Starr tells Todd she wants to plan a memorial service for Téa. Rex and Kelly share a warm moment upon learning of Eli's demise. And Langston breaks off from kissing Ford, remaining unwilling to trust him yet again.


Natalie discovers Brody may not be the father of Jessica's baby. (Soap Opera Digest)
Todd seeks Marty's advice. (Soap Opera Digest)
Jessica makes a confession to Brody. (Soap Opera Digest)
Brody confronts Ford. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Dani and Jack learn Eli is dead. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Natalie considers being honest with John. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Dani receives a cryptic text message. (National Enquirer)
Greg gets a mysterious phone call. (National Enquirer)
Natalie informs John that there is something he needs to know. (National Enquirer)
Cole warns James once more. (National Enquirer)
Todd confesses to Dani that he lied about Ross. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Greg is surprised by what he finds at the hospice center. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Langston confides in Starr. (Cable Guide Spoilers)


Poor Blair. Here she thinks she's finally found her knight in shining armor. Little does she know just how tarnished that armor really is. Will she take the plunge this week and say "I do" to Eli? We think not. Especially as things between them take a turn for the worse. Before mid week, Blair points a gun at Eli. There's a struggle. In fact, Blair and Eli literally wrestle for the gun. Will any shots be fired?
At the same time, Cristian and Layla get both good and bad news. They are offered new and exciting opportunities. The problem is that they could be separated if they accept them. What will they do? Meanwhile, John, Kelly and Rex figure out that Ross is alive. What tips them off?

While on the other side of Llanview, Ford and James declare a truce. Speaking of Ford, Starr and Langston sign up for a writing class and learn Ford will be their teacher. Shortly thereafter, Starr learns that her mother is in danger. How will Starr deal with the news? As Starr tries to cope, Marty visits Hannah to tell her she knows she wasn't the one who killed her baby. That's gotta make Hannah feel a bit better. Or dies it?


Blair says "I do" just before taking Kelly's phone call and learning all the latest news about her groom. Blair confronts Eli, and holds him at gun point. Eli swears his innocence but ultimately confesses. He tells Blair he truly loves her and wants her to go on the run with him, but Blair's not having any of it. When Blair tries to notify the police, Eli makes a grab for the gun and it goes off. Meanwhile, John, Kelly and Rex learn Ross is alive. The police in Tahiti notify John that they've apprehended Eli. John plans to go to Tahiti to extradite him. When John arrives in Tahiti, he discovers Ross instead of Eli and takes off to find Eli and Blair. Eli collapses from the gun shot and as Blair moves to help him she knocks over an oil lamp setting the curtains on fire. Blair tries to put out the fire. John arrives in time to rescue Blair from the burning building, but the flames are too fierce for him to return for Eli. Blair is horrified when a charred body is discovered and confirmed to be Eli. Kelly shows her gratitude to Rex for helping her find her mother's killer. They later bond when they learn of Eli's death.

Clint mocks Dorian about David leaving her. Clint offers Matthew an internship at Buchanan Enterprises. Clint is intrigued by Bo's new assistant. Destiny warns Matthew he's displaying some unsavory personality traits. Cris and Layla plan their wedding, but Cris has an opportunity in Philly, and Layla is offered a design job in Paris. Ford and Starr persuade James and Langston not to see each other anymore. Ford explains to Cole that Eli forced him to lie about Hannah. Cole queries Nora about Hannah's legal problems. Jessica confides in Kelly that she'll have to take medications because Ford's blood type is incompatible with hers. Brody and Natalie worry together. Natalie tells Gigi she is concerned what will happen if John learns he may not be the father of her baby. Langston breaks off a kiss with Ford, and resists is appeals to give him another chance.

Todd and Dani learn that Tea died, and Dorian is shocked to find Clint in her bedroom on Monday, August 30.

Starr denies real feelings for James and says she loves Cole on Tuesday, August 31.

Eli wrestles Blair for the gun and it goes off and Marty visits Hannah on Wednesday, September 1.

John rescues Blair, but Eli perishes in the fire on Thursday, September 2.

Kelly and Rex grow closer over the news of Eli's death on Friday, September 3.

One expectant mother comes clean about her baby's paternity. Marty displays a forgiving nature. Greg receives a mysterious phone call.


Spoilers for the Week of August 30, 2010

Blair marries Eli

Blair fears she might end up dead like Eli's other two wives

John is relieved when the Tahiti police assure him that Eli is in custody

Eli is forced to come clean to Blair

A shot rings out when Blair and Eli struggle for a gun

John is stunned to learn that Ross, not Eli, was apprehended by the police

Ross talks his way out of jail

A fire breaks out while Blair checks to see if she killed Eli

John manages to rescue Blair from the inferno

Todd and Dani are devastated when they are told that Téa has died

Clint rubs salt in Dorian's wound

Destiny fears that Matthew is slipping to the dark side

Matthew resents that Bo hired Nate's mother

Clint invites Matthew to apprentice at Buchanan Enterprises

James, Ford, and Nate start to get to know each other as brothers

Starr and Langston are surprised to learn that Ford is their new teacher

Cole confronts Ford for lying about Hannah

Nora warns Cole that Hannah will still face charges for obstruction of justice

Cris and Layla are offered opportunities that could pull them apart

Greg and Vivian vie for the position of Chief of Staff

Spoilers for Next Week

Jessica admits to Brody that he might not be the baby's father

Brody threatens to kill Ford

Natalie decides to have a talk with John about the baby

Todd turns to Marty for help

Greg is stunned by what he discovers when he returns to the hospice

Dani learns that Todd lied about Ross

Spoilers for down the road: Fall preview

Cristian and Layla's wedding plans hits a bit of a speed bump

Kelly and Rex's friendship continues to grow

Starr struggles with her possible feelings for James

Echo DiSavoy returns to Llanview and collides with Viki

Clint begins to become more like Asa

Jessica and Natalie continue to try to figure out "who's the daddy"

Paths cross at Llanview University


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Tons of OLTL stuff this week.....

Daytime Royalty

Short Zimmer interview about coming back to OLTL


1st day on set pics

Soapnet September Preview

One Life to Live roars right into September in the midst of one of the most intense storylines of the year: Blair's wedding to secret psychopath Eli Clarke is about to go 18 kinds of haywire, and the fallout will be felt all through the coming month. First things first: Eli must be dealt with. He's got Blair in Tahiti for a quickie wedding, his brother Ross has come out of the woodwork, and then Blair gets the proof that Eli's a killer (yes! She does!). All hell is going to break loose, and citizens of Llanview will soon be rid of Eli forever ... or will they? If there's anything we know about a good villain, it's that they're never truly vanquished. Case in point: Expect to get more insight into what exactly Eli and Greg's plot against poor, dead Tea was.

But even when Eli isn't directly trying to harm our favorite Southern, formerly-Asian chanteuse, his underhanded machinations are about to blow up in everybody's face. Starting with Todd. Todd's going to have to be there for Danielle in the aftermath of Tea's death. Which is just an example of blessings coming in depressing packages -- because it ends up bringing dad and daughter closer. So things seem all fine and dandy for Todd and Danielle (minus the whole "Tea's dead" thing) ... except, remember how we mentioned Ross Rayburn? You know, Danielle's adoptive father? Yes, he's on the scene -- and things aren't going to be so rosy where the Manning family is concerned. Don't forget that Ross and Danielle are pretty tight. Looks like Todd has another obstacle

Elsewhere, Starr and Langston start college and immediately find themselves in a class they wish they could drop. That's because the class is taught by FORD. If you suspect that this is the perfect opportunity for him and Langston to get back together, you may well be right. But two things to consider: 1) One of them is lying to the other about something, and 2) Markko returns from film school. So ... not so fast, Ford. Also, is Ford like the youngest college professor ever? Meanwhile, Starr decides that she can't see James anymore, because they've clearly both got feelings for each other [well what's Cole gonna say about that?]. And it gets worse for James as he finds out he can't afford to stay in college. He may end up finding some help from a very unlikely source.

So what is up with Clint? Obviously, he's kind of embracing his dark side ever since he kidnapped and jailed David Vickers on David and Dorian's wedding day. Kelly commissions Rex to find out just what happened to David (so Dorian can regain some of her sanity) -- but when Rex gets too close to the truth, Clint may take some action that would make his beloved KIM blush. Oh, and don't think Bo and Nora get off easy either. Because Clint might strike them where it hurts the most.

Speaking of Kelly and Rex, their close work together investigating Eli has created a bit of a bond between them. Does Gigi have anything to worry about? Or is there someone in Llanview she's going to start spending time with?

Meanwhile, Jessica and Natalie are still struggling with the unknown paternity of their children. This month, look for Brody or John to finally learn the truth that the baby their significant other is carrying may not be theirs. Yes -- one of them learns the truth. No joke.

All this, PLUS: Hannah finds herself in an unusual living arrangement, and a new couple may be hitting the town in Llanview. But one half of the couple's motives may not be on the up-and-up. Any guesses as to who?

And September is gonna end with quite a bang, because come October 1, multi-Emmy winner Kim Zimmer arrives in town as Echo DiSavoy (which is sort of an awesome name). Hold onto your hats.


Not major OLTL news but I know we have a few Buffy fans around here so this might be of a little interest to you...
Kristine Sutherland, best known to audiences as Sarah Michelle Gellar's clueless mum Joyce Summers on The WB/UPN hit "Buffy the Vampire Slayer" (1997-2003), has been cast in the recurring role of a new Dean at Llanview University, and will factor into at least one of the soap's upcoming fall storylines.

Look for the actress to first air on Friday, September 17th when Langston puts her plan to get Ford fired from his teaching job at LU in motion. And, with so many characters hanging around the campus in the coming months, it is likely not the last we will being seeing of the new Dean either.

In addition to "Buffy," Sutherland also appeared in the 1989 film "Honey, I Shrunk the Kids," along with guest spots on "Remington Steele," "Easy Street," and "Providence."

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Next to go?

While reports were stating Brandon Buddy is set to exit ABC's "One Life to Live" later this fall when his contract expires, Soap Opera Network was unable to confirm the news through proper channels, but sources have since confirmed that Buddy will in fact be leaving the soap in the coming months.

Since news of Buddy's possible exit first broke on Daytime Confidential last week, Soap Opera Network has learned from insiders that Buddy's exit was a "mutual agreement" between the soap and the actor. This development doesn't come as a surprise as in June of this year Buddy's Twitter account reported that he had chosen not to renew his contract with the drama series. While said post was later claimed to have been the workings of a hacker, it took four days for the actor to respond, which had some wondering if there was a hacker at all.

Buddy joined the cast of "One Life to Live" in October 2006 portraying the role of Cole Thornhart.


While details are slowly coming through, Soap Opera Network is hearing that Farah Fath might be next to exit the drama series this fall. Fath joined the cast in October 2007 portraying the role of Gigi Morasco


Updated September comings and goings for "One Life to Live."

Missing some of your favorite recurring characters? Well you're in luck. Soap Opera Digest is reporting that Roxy (Ilene Kristen) will make an appearance this week, when the lovable lush dishes out some advice to a certain Llanview resident. Kristen recently commented that she hadn't taped any scenes in several months and speculated that the show no longer had a use for her character. Roxy was last seen in early June when she helped Nora prepare for her wedding to Bo.

On a related note, look for Renee (Patricia Elliott) to turn up again on Wednesday, September 15th, when John and Natalie talk her into letting them search Eli's old room at the Palace for clues.

Jason Tam returns as Markko Rivera beginning Friday, September 24th, when Langston bumps into him at the coffee shop.

Edward Watts first airs as Matthew and Nate's high school basketball coach on Thursday, September 9th, when the two teen square off on the hardwood.

Fans haven't seen the last of Dr. Vivian Wright (Kearran Giovanni). In addition to being Jessica and Natalie's OB/GYN, she also asks one couple a somewhat personal question on Monday, September 13th.

David A. Gregory (Ford) has listed his September airdates as the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 16th, 17th, 20th, 21st, 23rd, 24th, 27th, and 30th.

Max Tapper (Det. Theo Price) states that he taped more scenes on August 26th.

Some more minor roles are coming up. On Thursday, September 16th, John instructs a dayplayer cop to trail Ross. And look for judges to show up when Todd contests the contents of Téa's will beginning Monday, September 20th, and when Hannah faces obstruction of justice charges starting Wednesday, September 22nd.

Click here to see some pictures of Kim Zimmer's first day on the set (July 19th). Also in the pics. are Erika Slezak (Viki), Brian Kerwin (Charlie), Jerry verDorn (Clint), and Melissa Archer (Natalie). Zimmer returns as Echo DiSavoy beginning Friday, October 1st, when Charlie receives a surprise visit from someone from his past.

Want to see Jessica and Natalie's "baby bumps?" Click here.

Kim Sullivan returned as Judge Runyon on Monday, August 23rd.

Paolo Montalban played a Tahiti cop on Monday, August 30th.

Rumors are swirling that Lea DeLaria will be returning to "OLTL" for a few episodes this fall as Madame Delphina, and that she would tape her scenes in September or October. However, this has yet to be confirmed.

Kassie DePaiva (Blair) tweeted on August 18th that she "Worked all day with Trevor [St. John - Todd], Billy [Warlock - Ross], Matt [Walton - Eli], & Micheal [Easton - John]. Home relaxing with glass of wine. Jimmy took JQ to Jonas Brother's Camp Rock 2 Premiere."

Melissa Archer (Natalie) tweeted that she worked with Kristen Alderson (Starr) and Brandon Buddy (Cole) on August 24th.

The song at the end of the August 26th episode of "OLTL" was Ashtar Command's "Holding Out For Love." For more information about songs heard in recently on the show, click here.

"One Life" has released a new casting call, this time for the role of "Agent Gillespie." The scene opens with "Chris Fisher" telling FBI agents that the boys will be coming home soon, once they (the feds) learn how to trace a call. "Gillespie" tells him that GPS device in the boys' cell phones have been disabled. Chris wondered how they accomplished that, to which Gillespie replies that they must have had some prior experience with that sort of thing. He goes on to say that they have their equipment set up to try and trace and record any calls the boys may make. Chris, getting upset, asks what happens if they don't call. As the scene ends, Gillespie says that he isn't sure why they haven't called yet. However, when he does Chris needs to keep them on the line. That way the call can be recorded and checked for background noises, which could yield clues to their whereabouts.

Here is more information about the casting call released last month for "Nurse Cogswell." The scene opens with the nurse telling "Robin Monroe" that she doesn't know where her husband went. When Robin asks about her daughter, she responds that she didn't see her. Worried, Robin comments that they both said that they would be there when she woke up. Nurse Cogswell tells her not to worry, and that she is certain they'll be right back since they know she is waiting on them. Getting hostile, Robin tells her that she wants to call her husband, and orders the nurse to bring her a pone when she learns there is not already one in the room. The nurse responds that, per Dr. Jeffreys' orders, she is not to be disturbed. Robin says that it is too late for that, however the nurse remains adamant that she cannot disobey the doctor's orders. Fuming, Robin tells her she wants to speak with the doctor herself. However, she tells Robin that unfortunately he had to leave as well. Robin asks why everyone seems to be gone. The nurse tells her she will try to reach the doctor and ask him when he will be returning, and that he may know when her husband will be coming back as well, but that for now she needs her rest.

She leaves the room and encounters Dr. Jeffreys in the hallway. She relays Robin's request to the doctor, who says that he doesn't know where her husband is, and tells her to not give her a phone under any circumstances. Even so, Nurse Cogswell reminds him that Robin is getting stronger and even more determined to see her family. Dr. Jeffreys insists that she is not to contact them yet. The nurse replies that she does not understand what is going on, however the doctor reminds her that her job is simply to carry out his orders. Furthermore he instructs her that there is a very good reason why "Mrs. Monroe" is not ready for visitors yet. The nurse points out how frustrated she is becoming. The doctor tells her to give Robin a sedative and keep her calm, to which the nurse says she will do her best. As the scene ends, Doctor Jeffreys says that, as soon as he is done with her, Robin can see anyone she wants to.

And there are rumors that "OLTL" is casting "Eddie," who is described as in his "40's, early 50's, underneath his hot, handsome, sexy, charming exterior lies an extremely violent and abusive nature. Heavily recurring role starts in October."




Show spokesperson says RH is not returning to OLTL.

Will Natalie Keep Quiet?

MA says she's worried about Jessica's mental health if she comes clean. She also wants to protect her relationship with John. Jessica confesses to Brody that her baby might not be his. BW says that Brody doesn't take the news well and walks out on her. MA says that since Natalie isn't sure the baby isn't John's, she doesn't want to ruin things for them. John's happiness over the first sonagram impacts her deeply. John talking to Natalie about how Eli lied to Blair for months effects her. Natalie believes being quiet is the best choice for everyone.

New Threat For Todd

Todd and Dani lean on one another while planning Tea's service. They look through pictures that leads them to share memoroes of the separate lives that they each lived with with Tea. Jack comforts his sister and gives her his ear. Todd knows it's bad timing but tells Jack and Dani everything about Eli. Blair shows up and offers Dani her support like she promised Tea she'd do. Greg contacts Todd and wants to tell him the truth. Todd's trying ro put up a brave front but even he is shaken when Tea's ashes show up. Todd and Dani lean on one another. John tells Todd about Ross and Dani gets a text and thinks it's from Ross. Todd and Dani admit to each other what they've been hiding. It's revealed to viewers that Todd and Dani are being watched.

RC talks about if the Ford brothers will come together.

VCR Dates:

Tuesday, Sept 7: Word spreads that Eli is dead.

Wednesday, Sept 8: Grieving over Tea, Todd reaches out to Marty.

Thursday, Sept. 9: Greg and Dani recieve strange messages.

Friday, Sept. 10: Todd has an awkward conversation with Dani.

Tuesday, Sept. 14: Todd confronts Ross about his role in Eli's crime spree. Tea's will is read.

Wednesday, Sept. 15: John arrests Ross and works with Natalie to find the truth.

Friday, Sept. 17: John and Natalie recieve shocking news about Eli.


Tea Mystery

RC says a mystery is building following Tea's death. There are loose ends surrounding both Tea and Eli's deaths. Mainly Eli's involvement with Greg. Greg is ready to tell Todd something big until he gets a text ordering him to shut up. Todd turns to Marty for grief counseling. Greg also turns to Marty and wants to confess something to her. Dani recieves a text message and tells Nate she thinks it's from Ross. RV says they are trying to have fun with the viewers on who is trying to get in touch with Dani and Greg. RC questions if Tea is really dead & is she the mysterious caller? It could also be Ross. John has supiscions about Eli's death, so he can't be ruled out. Ron winks at the thought of Eli possibly still being alive. John tells Todd that Ross may be on his way to Llanview. RC says how Todd and Dani are now closer than ever. At weeks end Todd comes face to face with someone who could tear him and Dani apart.

C & G's:

Cole is apparently out later this year.

SOD has same story on Natalie almost confessing.

VCR Alerts:

Monday, Sept. 13: Jessica worries that Brody no longer wants to marry her. Cristian wants to marry Layla asap. Tuesday, Sept. 14: Kelly offers Rex a job to help Dorian.


More on Natalie keeping mum. Gigi's the only one she's talking to.

ML (Brody) has the interview. Brody has no respect for Ford. But Ford is how Brody used to be.

MW says that he loves playing evil Eli, and that there's a lot more to reveal on what Eli's been behind. He says playing such a dark character is an actors dream and he loves his material.

Sneak Peeks: Greg needs to tell Todd something about Tea. Todd and Blair bond over their recent tragedies. Matthew and Nate take their fued to the basketball court. Ford is worried about what Langston thinks of him. Can't Miss: Wed. Sept. 8: Todd turns to Marty for help.

Week Of Sept. 13-17: John catches Ross. John and Natalie search for DNA. Cris wants to hurry love. Jessica fears the worst about Brody. Kelly offers Rex a job.


Just to set the record straight Eli was not supposed to turn out big bad and evil but that all changed, Eli's murdering ways came after contract negotiations for Walton fell through. Is it the end of Eli? Eli’s agenda seems complicated, but there’s a point and an end game. He’s the gift that keeps on giving, so residents shouldn’t rest on any laurels...... The return of Kelly Cramer has disappointed viewers and TPTB are scrambling to fix it. Trying to find the right connection with actors can take a toll on many but it seems like they may have gotten it right as we may be heading towards a Rex/Kelly relationship. It appears the fans never really warmed up to the Gigi/Rex pairing. With college in the horizon for Gigi and the recent status of Tika Sumpter going to recurring, Gigi and Cristian may just be next. But that may not ring true if Farah Fath decides not to renew her contract as rumors say. In an interview Fath didn't hesitate to mention she would love to return to LA and her old stomping grounds at Day Of Our Lives. “If the opportunity arose I would definitely jump at the chance to reprise the role of Mimi and bring her back to Salem." I say don't let the door hit you on your way out. I know one Craze columnist who will be jumping for joy. And it may not end there for couples when John finds out what Natalie and Brody did.


Spoilers and Previews -- Week of 9/6


On Tuesday, September 7, Cristian and Layla discuss the dilemma of both having been handed amazing career opportunities in two very distant cities.

Cable Guide

Monday, 9/6
Airing of a previous episode.

Tuesday, 9/7
(The Sonogram)
Brody and Jessica have an ultrasound of Jessica's baby; Todd confides in Dani and Jack about Eli's wrongdoings and death.

Wednesday, 9/8
(The Threat)
Brody gets violent with Ford; Todd receives an urgent message to stay quiet.

Thursday, 9/9
(The Paternity)
Natalie learns about the unanswered paternity of Jessica's baby; Greg receives a mysterious call.

Friday, 9/10
(True Feelings)
Langston shares her deepest feelings with Starr; Todd comes clean to Dani.

OLTL After Dark

Natalie discovers Brody may not be the father of Jessica's baby.

Todd seeks Marty's advice.

Jessica makes a confession to Brody.

Brody confronts Ford.

Dani and Jack learn Eli is dead.

Natalie considers being honest with John.

Dani receives a cryptic text message.

Greg gets a mysterious phone call.

Natalie informs John that there is something he needs to know.

Cole warns James once more.

Todd confesses to Dani that he lied about Ross.

Greg is surprised by what he finds at the hospice center.

Langston confides in Starr.


SON Alerts

Natalie discovers Brody may not be the father of Jessica's baby. (Soap Opera Digest)

Todd seeks Marty's advice. (Soap Opera Digest)

Jessica makes a confession to Brody. (Soap Opera Digest)

Brody confronts Ford. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Dani and Jack learn Eli is dead. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Natalie considers being honest with John. (Soap Opera Weekly)

Dani receives a cryptic text message. (National Enquirer)

Greg gets a mysterious phone call. (National Enquirer)

Natalie informs John that there is something he needs to know. (National Enquirer)

Cole warns James once more. (National Enquirer)

Todd confesses to Dani that he lied about Ross. (Cable Guide Spoilers)

Greg is surprised by what he finds at the hospice center. (Cable Guide Spoilers)

Langston confides in Starr. (Cable Guide Spoilers)


Soap Central Tidbits

Jessica admits to Brody that he might not be the baby's father

Brody threatens to kill Ford

Natalie decides to have a talk with John about the baby

Todd turns to Marty for help

Greg is stunned by what he discovers when he returns to the hospice

Dani learns that Todd lied about Ross

Spoilers for down the road: Fall preview

Cristian and Layla's wedding plans hits a bit of a speed bump

Kelly and Rex's friendship continues to grow

Starr struggles with her possible feelings for James

Echo DiSavoy returns to Llanview and collides with Viki

Clint begins to become more like Asa

Jessica and Natalie continue to try to figure out "who's the daddy"

Paths cross at Llanview University


Daily Tidbits

Monday, 9/6 Encore Episode

Tuesday, 9/7
Jessica tells Brody there’s a chance the baby isn’t his.
Natalie tells John there’s something he needs to know.
Todd tells Dani and Jack about Eli’s death.

Wednesday, 9/8
Brody slams Ford against a wall, threatening to kill him.
Will Natalie tell John her baby might not be his?
Todd seeks counsel from Marty.

Thursday, 9/9
Dani receives a mysterious text message.
Greg receives a mysterious phone call.
Natalie discovers that the paternity of Jessica’s baby is in question.

Friday, 9/10
Greg goes to the hospice where he treated Tea and is shocked at what he finds.
Cole asks James to back off Starr.
Todd admits to Dani he lied to her about Ross.


SON Spoilers

Monday: Encore Presentation of the July 21, 2010 "One Life to Live" episode where Jessica and Natalie hide the news of their pregnancies from one another; Gigi gets accepted into LU; and Viki and Charlie decide they need a little R & R.

Tuesday: Jessica tells Brody her baby may not be his. Natalie tells John that there is something he needs to know. Dani and Jack learn of Eli's demise from Todd.

Wednesday: Brody threatens Ford with bodily harm. Will Natalie be honest with John? Todd seeks advice from Marty.

Thursday: Dani gets a cryptic text message. Greg receives a mysterious phone call. Natalie learns that Jessica isn't sure who the father of her baby really is.

Friday: Greg makes a shocking discovery. Cole warns James again. Todd makes an admission to Dani.


Cristian and Layla discuss their future on Tuesday, September 7. Destiny offers the troubled couple advice after overhearing their conversation. Bo remains upset that Clint offered Matthew a job at Buchanan Enterprises. Matthew and Nate face off during a basketball game on Thursday, September 9. Cole spies James and Starr having a close moment, and later opens up to James, asking him to stay away from Starr so he can have a second chance with her.

Labor Day Encore of the 07/21/10 Episode

After they each learn that they are pregnant, both Natalie nor Jessica are sure who the fathers of their babies really are. As they leave the hospital neither sister tells the other they are pregnant. Natalie confides in Gigi, while Jessica talks to Kelly. Rex and Kelly decide to investigate Bennett Thompson in Boston. Gigi gets accepted into LU. Dani congratulates her parents after learning they are planning to get married right away. Todd and Téa make love, and she tells him appreciates him standing by her in her time of need. Dani talks to Greg about a new cancer cure she found online. Viki and Charlie decide that their plan to reunite David and Dorian backfired, and decide to head to the Caribbean for a much needed vacation.

The Inside Story: Painful Confessions

Brody and Jessica view a sonogram of her baby on Tuesday, September 7. Unable to bare the guilt any longer, Jessica makes a confession about her prom night encounter with Ford. Meanwhile, Natalie admits to John that there is something he needs to know. On Wednesday, September 8, Jessica goes on to remind Brody that, at the time, she thought she was still seventeen. Afterward, Brody pays Ford a not-so-friendly visit when he slams him up against a wall and threatens to kill him. Langston arrives for her creative writing class at LU, only to learn that Ford is longer teaching it. Marty send well wishes to John and Natalie, who also see the first sonogram of her baby. By Thursday, September 9, Natalie learns that Brody may not be the father of Jessica's baby. Brody continues his assault on Ford, going as far as accusing him of taking advantage of Jessica. When Brody doubts that he can keep quiet much longer, Natalie reminds him of what all is at stake. Ford tells Jessica about his run-in with Brody, and is upset that Langston witnessed the encounter and now knows that he slept with Jessica. Later, Langston confides in Starr. And, believing it's all over between him and Langston, Ford changes his mind about teaching the writing class at LU on Friday, September 10.

A Closer Look: Guilt Trip

Todd lets Dani and Jack know that Eli died, and later he and Blair bond over their all-too-brief marriages on Tuesday, September 7. Greg has something to say to Todd regarding Téa. Rex bumps into Kelly as she is about to spread her mother's ashes. John informs Marty that the authorities in Tahiti have officially pronounced Eli dead. Greg nearly makes a confession to Todd when he receives a cryptic text message warning him to keep quiet. Still grieving for Téa, Todd asks Marty how she got over Patrick's death on Wednesday, September 8. After Todd leaves, Marty receives a visit from Greg, who says that he needs to get something off of his chest. John warns Todd that Ross may be on his way back to Llanview. Dani gets a strange text message on Thursday, September 9. Meanwhile, Greg unburdens himself to Marty, all the while remaining vague and cryptic. After the session, he receives a mysterious phone call. On Friday, September 10, Todd admits to Dani that he lied to her about Ross. Greg returns to the hospice center and is shocked by what, or rather who, he finds waiting for him there. And Dani tells Nate that she thinks Ross sent her the text message.


Todd confronts Ross. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
The contents of Téa's will are revealed. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
John places Ross under arrest. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Natalie and John search for clues. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
John and Natalie are shocked by what they learn about Eli. (ABC Soaps in Depth)
Jessica fears that Brody may no longer want to marry her. (Soap Opera Digest)
Cristian wants to marry Layla very soon. (Soap Opera Digest)
John still has suspicions regarding Eli. (Soap Opera Digest)
Kelly offers Rex a job helping Dorian. (Soap Opera Digest)
Langston sets out to get Ford fired. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Dani confides in Nate. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Dorian doesn't like what she hears. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Todd and Dani have an awkward encounter. (Soap Opera Weekly)


Brody's euphoria over seeing "his" child's sonogram makes Jessica feel so guilty she confesses the baby may be Ford's. Brody assaults Ford and threatens to kill him for taking advantage of Jessica when she was mentally ill. Natalie tells John there's something he needs to know. Marty interrupts and John tells her that Eli has been confirmed dead. Marty offers Natalie and John her best wishes for their future and their family. John and Natalie share a glimpse of their child. Natalie learns that Jessica is in the same boat that she is, and she and Brody wonder if they should come clean with Jessica and John. Natalie reminds Brody of all the possible implications should the truth be told. Ford tells Jessica about the attack Brody made on him, and regrets that Langston witnessed the confrontation and knows that he slept with Jessica. Ford decides to go ahead and teach a writing class in which Langston and Starr are enrolled.

Todd tells Dani and Jack about Eli's death. Todd and Blair console one another. Marty is a busy counselor, when both Todd and Greg seek her advice. Greg is about to confess to Todd when he receives a mysterious text message. Greg goes to the hospice where he treated Tea and is surprised by what he finds. Rex an Kelly share a warm moment. Dani also receives a mysterious text message. Todd admits to Dani that he lied about Ross, and warns her that he might show up. Destiny overhears Cris and Layla discussing the dilemma about their respective careers and offers advice. Cole witnesses a close moment between Starr and James. Bo is upset about Matthew's internship. Matthew and Nate face off on the basketball court.

Encore Episode (original air date 7/21/10)--Natalie and Jessica learn they are both pregnant, neither knowing who the father is, on Monday, September 6.

Jessica confesses to Brody that he may not be the father of her baby on Tuesday, September 7.

Natalie and John get a first look at their unborn child via sonogram on Wednesday, September 8.

Greg unleashes his guilt on Marty about what he did to Tea on Thursday, September 9.

Cole pleads with Nate to leave Starr alone so he can rebuild their relationship on Friday, September 10.

One bride-to-be worries that her groom no longer wants to marry her, while another groom wants to rush the wedding date up. Who gets the privilege of slugging Kelly? Will Ford's indiscretions cost him his job?


Filled with guilt and worry, Jessica tells Brody there's a chance the baby isn't his. Well, of course he doesn't take the news too well and heads straight for Ford, slamming him against the wall and threatening to kill him. How will Ford react to news of Jessica's pregnancy—and that he may be the baby daddy?

Then there's Natalie. She's not sure who knocked her up either, thanks to her too-close-to-call bed romps with Brody and John. Like her twin, Natalie's finding it difficult to keep her boyfriend in the dark. She tells John there's something he needs to know, but will she actually tell him that her baby might not be his?

In other happenings, after learning about Eli's death, Todd passes the news on to Dani and Jack. See; if only everyone would have heeded Jack's warning about evil Eli, things would've turned out differently. Later, Todd looks for guidance and advice when he seeks counsel from Marty. Will she be sympathetic enough to hear his troubles?


Spoilers for the Week of September 6, 2010

An encore presentation of One Life to Live will air on September 6

Brody and Jessica see the first image of the baby during a sonogram visit

Jessica confesses to Brody that he might not be the baby's father

Brody is livid when he realizes that Ford slept with Jessica

Langston is disappointed to learn that Ford will not be teaching her class

Langston is hurt when she witnesses the fight between Brody and Ford

Ford accepts that he can't win Langston back

John receives word that the Tahiti police confirmed that Eli had died

Dani and Jack learn the truth about Eli

Todd and Blair offer each other comfort

Greg feels compelled to tell Todd something about Téa

Greg receives a threatening text message

Marty is surprised by Greg's cryptic confession

John advises Todd to expect Ross to make an appearance

Todd tells Dani the truth about Ross

Rex finds Kelly as she's about to scatter Melinda's ashes

Cris and Layla decide what to do next

John is by Natalie's side when she has a sonogram

Natalie and Brody debate telling everyone that he might be the father of Natalie's baby

Cole doesn't like what he sees when he glimpses James and Starr together

Things get heated between Nate and Matthew during a game of basketball

Spoilers for Next Week

Jessica fears that Brody changed his mind about marrying her

Cris suggests that he and Layla get married immediately

John has lingering questions about Eli

John and Natalie decide to look for DNA evidence

Todd questions Ross about Eli

Kelly has a new job offer for Rex

Téa's last will and testament is read

John arrests Ross

Langston is faced with a choice about Ford

Ford's job might be in jeopardy


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Daytime Royalty

Soap Opera Digest has just learned that John Wesley Shipp has been cast in the role of Eddie, the much-mentioned bad dad of the Ford brothers. Known for his long-running role as Mitch on DAWSON'S CREEK, soap fans will also remember Shipp as evil Doug from 1985-86 on AS THE WORLD TURNS and hunky Kelly on GUIDING LIGHT from 1980-84. Look for Eddie to start making trouble in Llanview in early November.


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) -- In addition to all the new characters coming to Llanview this fall, fans can also look forward to seeing a few familiar faces as well.

With two of Viki's children already in Llanview (Jessica and Natalie), and another on his way back home (Joey), it was only a matter of time before her eldest son Kevin returned to Llanview as well. According to a message posted Thursday evening on his Fan Page on Facebook, "Dan [Gauthier] will be returning to OLTL for a few episodes.. . no air date yet." SON will continue to follow the story and bring you details as they develop.

Gauthier became the 11th actor to tackle the character of Kevin Buchanan when he stepped into the role in 2003. Despite being fired from "One Life to Live" in 2006, he returned briefly in August of 2007 (for the show's 10,000th episode), and then again in October and November of 2009. Gauthier last appeared as Kevin in March of this year.

Gauthier won't be the only familiar face returning to Llanview this fall. Tonye Patano will appear again as Phylicia Evans (and presumably Frankie Faison as her husband Richard Evans as well) during the first week of October when Greg is rushed to the hospital by John McBain, who finds him near death as a result of Eli injecting him with a potentially lethal drug. On Tuesday, October 5, John shocks Mrs. Evans by telling her of her son's connection to Elijah Clarke.

Wondering what has brought Markko Rivera (Jason Tam) back to town? Well, it isn't because of his feelings for Langston, that's for sure. On Monday, September 27, Markko tells his ex that he came home for his parents Aurelia (Ada Maris) and Ernesto (David Piñón) because his father needs non-life threatening surgery.

And, are Ross Rayburn's (Bill Warlock) days in Llanview numbered? On Wednesday, October 6, Ross is shot and pushed into the Llantano River by Eli during a confrontation between the two brothers. Later Todd pulls him from the river just as Dani arrives on the scene...but will it be too late?

In other news...

Congratulations for Kathy Brier (ex-Marcie), who wed her fiancé Jason Munt last weekend.

Sight for sore eyes? Tom Zeman (Morgan Guthrie) and Saundra Santiago (Carlotta) both made appearances earlier this week.

For those asking, the song in the montage at the end of the September 19 episode was Surrender by the group Digital Daggers.

Terrell Tilford (Greg) has added another November airdate -- the 16th -- to his list on his Facebook page. He also comments that Sept. 22nd was an"Enduring day at the studio. Ugh! Tough lines, check...This script is so dense...I keep discovering so much to use!"

Kristen Alderson (Starr) tweets "Thanks everyone for your compliments about my scenes lately.It means a lot.There are so many amazing things that we've been filming that hasn't aired yet, and won't for a while...but I am very proud of them.I am SO blessed to work with the cast on our show," and that she is "Seriously thinking about exploring the 'Dancing With The Stars' idea...that would be a crazy/amazing experience."

And Melissa Archer (Natalie) says she "Very long day [on the set] today [Sept. 21st], but all very good. Sweet dreams!!"


ONE LIFE TO LIVE is also busy in the casting department. The show is looking for an actress to play the contract role of Aubrey, a beautiful, sexy Caucasian woman in her mid 20s-30s. "Aubrey's proper breeding masks her free-spirited nature," reads the description of her


Preview of Echos return to Llanview

Spoilers for the Week of Sept 27th

Starr talks to her mother about James and Cole

Marty offers Cole some advice about Hannah

Starr is stunned to learn that Hannah is living with Marty

Greg takes the witness stand

Rex lies to Bo

Bo questions Clint's intentions

Todd reaches out to Viki

Charlie bumps into a woman from his past

John and Natalie suspect that Greg is up to something


Marty tells Cole Hannah needs space. (Soap Opera Digest)
Markko and Langston get caught up. (Soap Opera Digest)
Jessica wants Natalie to be her maid-of-honor. (Soap Opera Weekly)
Bo is suspicious when Clint wants to help James. (Soap Opera Weekly)
The judge decides who gets custody of Dani. (Soap Opera Weekly)
James suggests Ford apply for a job at the country club. (Cable Guide Spoilers)
Starr confides in Langston. (Cable Guide Spoilers)


Monday, 9/27
Starr confides in Blair that she’s conflicted about her feeling for James.
Marty suggests Cole should give Hannah space.
Markko and Langston reconnect.

Tuesday, 9/28
Will Greg’s testimony help Todd win custody of Dani?
Cole reveals to Starr that Hannah is living with his mom.
Jessica asks Natalie to be her maid-of-honor.

Wednesday, 9/29
Rex isn’t honest when Bo questions him.
Bo becomes suspicious of Clint’s intentions for helping James.
Natalie and Clint talk about her relationship with John.

Thursday, 9/30
The custody trial is decided.
James suggests Ford get a job at the country club.
Starr confides in Langston about her troubles with Cole.

Friday, 10/1
Todd asks Viki for help.
Charlie receives a surprise visit by a woman from his past.
Natalie and John are suspicious of Greg.


OLTL viewers were understandably thrown when Téa was revealed to be alive at the end of the 9/17 episode, after her alleged demise in August. "It's nice not to have to keep that secret anymore," chuckles portrayer Florencia Lozano, who stayed mum on Téa's true fate and admits that even she didn't know at one point if her character would survive. "There were many times where I didn't know and there was totally the possibility that she was going to die," she tells Soap Opera Digest. Now that it's been explained that Eli forced Greg to fake Téa's death, Lozano urges viewers to stay tuned. "There are some good twists that are going to happen," she promises. "A lot of s---'s gonna down down." For an extended interview with the actress, be sure to check out upcoming issues of Digest and Soap Opera Weekly.


Dani's not fooled when Todd shows up to give her a lift to court. She knows Todd plans to escape with her in tow. Todd then pressures Greg to testify about Tea's true wishes, which backfires when Greg states under oath that Tea was clear that she wanted Ross to raise Dani. Destiny tries to get Dani to make a choice. Blair informs Dani and Destiny of Greg's testimony in court, and Destiny confronts Greg. Blair tries to keep Todd from playing into Ross's hands. Ross wins legal custody. Ross produces a recording of Todd threatening his life and informs the court that for their safety, he and Dani will be returning to Tahiti immediately. John and Natalie try to figure out why Greg would change his story on the witness stand and perjure himself, and come up with one possible explanation. Eli learns John is still on his trail. John and Natalie's suspicions point them in the direction of the hospice. Todd asks Viki to help him hide Dani. Todd, Dani and Destiny say their emotional farewells. Greg tells Eli he needs brain surgery. Dani and Shaun discuss Greg's behavior.

Starr discusses her muddled feelings for James with Blair. Ford tries to divert James' attention from Langston. James comes to Nate's rescue. Nate seeks help from James to keep Dani in Llanview. Cole tells Starr that Hannah is living with Marty. Gigi is finding success at Llanview U. Clint offers to help Inez's sons over a romantic dinner. Jessica asks Natalie to be her maid of honor.

Ford discourages James from trying to find out who set him up with the damning photos on Monday, September 27.

Greg shocks Todd by telling the judge that Tea wanted Ross to raise Dani on Tuesday, September 28.

Natalie and Clint talk about her relationship with John; Natalie and Rex reconnect on Wednesday, September 29.

Starr confides in Langston about her troubles with Cole on Thursday, September 30.

Charlie receives a surprise visit by a woman from his past on Friday, October 1.


(SoapOperaNetwork.com) — A look at what's happening on "One Life to Live" during the week of September 27, 2010.


Brody lets Jessica know that he is working on accepting the fact that he may not be the father of her baby. Jessica asks Natalie to be her maid-of-honor. Rex is happy that things are going well for Gigi at LU. Rex and Natalie reconnect. Natalie and Clint talk about her relationship with John on Wednesday, September 29. Rex is less than honest with Bo. And Charlie receives a visit from an old friend on Friday, October 1.

The Inside Story: Ulterior Motives

Dani realizes Todd is planning for them to go on the run together when he arrives to give her a ride to court. On Tuesday, September 28, Todd forces Greg into testifying at the custody hearing. However, once on the stand, he is shocked to hear Greg say that Téa wanted Ross to raise Dani in the event of her death. Todd picks a fight with Greg after listening to him while under oath. Blair warns Todd that he's giving Ross exactly what he wants by causing a scene. Destiny urges Dani to be honest about which dad she'd rather live with, and the two girls are surprised when Blair tells them what Greg said in court. Destiny confronts Greg regarding his about face on Thursday, September 29. The judge grants custody of Dani to Ross. Todd's hopes of being granted visitation rights are quickly dashed when Ross hands over the tape of Todd threatening to kill him. Ross informs the judge he plans to take Dani back to Tahiti as soon as possible. John and Natalie wonder why Greg is corroborating Ross' story. Eli learns that John is still snooping around looking for clues. And Starr learns her father lost in court. By Friday, October 1, Todd asks Viki to help him hide Dani from Ross. However, he, Dani, and Destiny soon share an emotional farewell. Nate asks James to help him keep Dani in Llanview. John and Natalie believe that Greg's frequent trips to the hospice center are connected to Eli. Meanwhile, Greg tells Eli that he needs brain surgery to survive. And Destiny and Shaun talk about Greg's erratic behavior and how the police have been asking questions about him.

A Closer Look: Scorned Lovers

Starr admits to Blair on Monday, September 27 that she has conflicting feelings for James. Marty urges Cole to give Hannah some breathing room so she can sort out her feelings for him. Ford tries to persuade James against finding out who set him up. Markko tells Langston that his dad is scheduled to have non-life threatening surgery. Cole informs Starr that Hannah is now living with his mom on Tuesday, September 28. James comes to Nate's aid when his car breaks down. Inez tells Nora that Clint arranged for James to get the grant to LU. Bo is suspicious of Clint's true motives for helping James. On Thursday, September 30, James suggests Ford apply for a job at the Llanview Country Club. While out to dinner, Clint tells Inez that he wants to help Ford as well. Langston contemplates confessing to the dean, and tells Starr that Markko is back in town. And Starr talks to Langston about her and Cole's problems.


Spoilers for the Week of September 27, 2010

Todd makes plans to run away with Dani

Todd wants Greg to testify that Téa intended to spend her final moments with Todd and Dani

Greg testifies that Téa admitted that she wanted Dani to be raised by Ross

Blair fears that Todd is doing exactly what Ross wants him to

Destiny calls Greg out for lying on the witness stand

The judge grants Ross custody of Dani

Ross announces his intentions to move to Tahiti with Dani

Todd asks his sister to help him and Dani

Eli discovers that John is asking questions

John and Natalie begin to suspect that Greg might be hiding Eli

Greg insists that Eli requires brain surgery

Ford doesn't want James to snoop around to find out who had sent the pictures to the dean

James is on hand when Nate's car breaks down

Bo questions why Clint is helping James

Clint continues to romance Inez and help her sons

Markko explains he's home for a brief visit because his father is having surgery

Brody tries to accept that the baby might not be his

Rex and Natalie commiserate over their lies

Blair is concerned about Todd's state of mind

John finds Greg clinging to life

The stress takes its toll on Jessica

Ross and Eli confront each other at the docks

Starr makes a startling discovery in her apartment

Natalie finds James' necklace

John questions Nate about where Dani is

Echo admits to Viki that she returned to Llanview for a specific reason

Greg wakes up long enough to say one word


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