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~B&B Spoilers & Discussion~; Month of August 2010
Topic Started: Aug 20 2010, 10:12 PM (1,540 Views)
Tex Longhornfan
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Daytime Royalty

Spoilers and Previews -- Week of 8/23

National Enquirer

Lovers who were torn apart are reunited.

Someone makes a bold attempt to erase another's legacy.

A major player makes a decision that will affect two families and two companies.

SNS Spoilers

Bill fires Liam, who immediately offers to help Ridge in his lawsuit against Spencer Publications.

But when Liam asks Ridge for permission to date Hope, Ridge warns Liam to stay away from his family.

Unaware of the latest potential threat to his happiness, Oliver tells Brooke that he and Hope are back together.

Nick and Brooke stroll down memory lane and remember good times.

Steffy is unshakeable in her determination to get Brooke out of Forrester Creations and brings Marcus on board to help.

Ridge and Taylor try to soothe Thomas' resentment of Steffy being a part owner of the company by promoting him to vice president.

Later, Thomas' choice of who he's supporting in the family conflict shocks everyone.

Liam continues the search for his father, unaware they have already met.

Katie is taken aback when Bill shares a previously kept secret about his past.

COMING: More family secrets unfold.


Cable Guide

Monday, August 23
Brooke and Hope talk with one another; Bill terminates Liam.

Tuesday, August 24
Nick and Brooke reflect on their time together; Steffy has a plan to rid Brooke from Forrester Creations.

Wednesday, August 25
Jackie shares her feelings with Nick about his relationship with Aggie; Stephanie tries to tell Ridge about his future.

Thursday, August 26
Liam makes Ridge an offer while Hope listens in; Steffy attempts to enlist Marcus to join her in getting Brooke out of the company.

Friday, August 27
The Forrester family is stunned when Thomas sides with Brooke over his sister; Ridge is forced to make a decision about Forrester Creations.

The reveal of Brook and Oliver's "mistake" remains the talk of the town and many people are facing severe consequences. First, Liam and Bill Spencer to double rounds when Bill fires Liam for his part in the video catastrophe. Meanwhile, Steffy still has it out for Brooke and makes a bold move to permanently oust her from Forrester Creations. Will she be successful this go round?

Not letting Brooke off the hook as easily as Ridge, Stephanie forces him to see what's inevitable while Brooke declares a different ending of the story to Steffy. After going at it with Steffy, Brook perks up when she shares a poignant and bittersweet moment with Hope. Are things starting to look up for the "estranged" mother-daughter pair? Later, Nick and Brooke reminisce about the good times they shared while married to each other and provide empathy to one another about their current predicaments. Will their comforting lead to some sexual healing between them?

Finally, Jackie eavesdrops on Nick and Aggie discussing their relationship before giving him her two cents. Will Jackie support her son's choice in women or dish out some harsh words of advice?


###SNS SPOILERS FOR August 30th-September 3rd###
@Bill and Thorne each prepare for the test results that will identify one of them as Liam's father!
@When the DNA testing is complete, one family is relieved at the news that they aren't related to Liam, while the other prepares to accept a new member into their circle!
@Liam's reunion with his father leads Hope to start thinking about seeing her dad, Deacon!
@A panicky Bridget goes into labor at the Big Bear cabin and Owen has to deliver the baby!
@Bridget is overcome with emotion as she holds her miracle newborn for the first time!
@Oliver decides to resign from Forrester Creations, believing it's only fair for him to be treated as Brooke was!
@Meanwhile, Brooke begins a leave of absence from the company, hopeful her decision will help Ridge and Steffy mend fences!
@Ridge's romantic evening for Brooke ends with the arrival of the person she most wants to see!
@Amber's attitude and behavior towards Nick unnerves Aggie!


Brooke shares a poignant, bittersweet moment with Hope; Bill fires Liam for his part in the video catastrophe.

Nick and Brooke reminisce about their marriage and provide empathy for each other in their current predicaments; Steffy makes a bold move to oust Brooke from Forrester Creations.

Jackie eavesdrops on Nick and Aggie discussing their relationship.

Liam makes Ridge a surprising offer; Steffy engages Marcus to help her get rid of Brooke.

Thomas shocks the Forresters when he sides with Brooke; Ridge makes a heart-wrenching decision about the company's future.


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Tex Longhornfan
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Daytime Royalty


@Bridget gives birth!
@Thomas sides with Brooke to revenge Taylor for giving all her stocks to Steffy!
@Liam is Thorne's son!
@Hope will have three men after her! Oliver, Liam and Thomas!!!!

Christopher Anton Knight best known for playing Peter Brady on The Brady Bunch will play a pediatrician that will attend to Bridget and Owen's child on September 15th!


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Tex Longhornfan
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Daytime Royalty

COMING: Brooke welcomes the chance for a fresh start.

• A B&B spokesperson confirms that Drew Tyler Bell, who won an Emmy in June for his work in the role of Ridge and Taylor's son Thomas Forrester, is being replaced by 90210 star Adam Gregory. Bell, who joined the show in 2004, will make his final appearance on Friday, August 27. Look for Gregory to hit the screen on Wednesday, September 22.


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Tex Longhornfan
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Now, Daytime Royalty is reporting that Liam is Bill's son. :rolleyes:
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