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~ ATWT Spoilers & Discussion ~; August and September 2010
Topic Started: Aug 12 2010, 05:04 PM (5,642 Views)
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I haven't watched in years so I don't know about the Scott/Maura question but, here's my thoughts (through the filter of the demise of GL) I am guessing that tptb simply haven't thought about having Andy back on or considered that this would be a worthwhile bone to throw to long time audience members. After all, they certainly have no use for the fans. Julianne Moore has made a pretty big name for herself and I can see why they might feel her presence would be a ratings draw and a tiny coup for the show--some bragging rights. Scott DeFreitas? I think he is superb as Andy and I think that Andy was a great character and yes, it makes sense for him to be there at the end, just as I think he should have been on for years. I just think that tptb don't care that there are audience members who will note and miss his presence and that this is an expense (however small his rate would have been) they can forgo. Strict cost/benefit analysis. It sucks and I think it's wrong on many levels but to me, it's consistent. As far as bringing back John Dixon: I think that was almost mandatory simply because of how forceful Lucinda's character--and John's have always been. Too glaring an omission. IMO, tptb simply think not enough people will miss Andy. And they wonder why soaps are dying._
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