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~ATWT Spoilers & Discussion~; Week of June 28th, 2010
Topic Started: Jun 12 2010, 06:20 PM (1,065 Views)
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Babs gets into serious trouble.
V. needs Katie's help.

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Paul/Emily Spoilers For Week Of June 28.

Meggit plans to KILL Emily using Paul’s gun. She drugs herself so it’ll look like she didn’t do it. Meggit SHOOTS Emily just as Paul & Emma walk in the room. Apparently, Paul filled the guns with blanks. He KNEW Emily was telling the truth all along but wanted to PROVE it to both Emma & Barbara. Bye bye, Meggit!!!!!!
Emily is upset that Paul didn’t tell her anything, but she of course forgives him, they MAKE UP and share a happy FAMILY moment with Eliza. Paul agrees to be Henry’s best man. Emily wants Barbara OUT of FW.


Luke/Reid SPOILERS For The Week Of June 28th

Credit goes to Lilly at BP:

Luke goes to Bob and Mona Cross and tells them that their policy about a doctor and donor dating is silly and they are going to lose a wonderful doctor because of it. Bob tells Reid that Luke went to bat for him. Luke and Reid talk and Reid realizes that Luke and Noah are not back together. Luke tells Reid that they'll find a way to be together, but keep Reid's job as well.


Ali gets a letter from Mick.
Em wants Babs out of she and Paul's lives.
Reid learns Luke and Noah are not an item.
Chris and Katie kiss after an argument.



Katie bribes Chris to keep him quiet about V, Meg tries to kill Em.


Babs tries to convince Henry not to get married, Paul's methods of exposing Meg may have gone too far.


Luke sticks up for Reid, Babs finds out about V and Casey's affair.


Ali gets a letter from Mick, V. is followed.

Henry contemplates his reasons for marrying V - Babs gets into serious trouble

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