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~B&B Spoilers & Discussion~; Week of June 7, 2010
Topic Started: Jun 5 2010, 04:36 PM (1,306 Views)
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NEW 6/5

Monday, June 7
Stephanie and Eric spend a romantic evening together in the Big Bear cabin; Stephanie admits that she's been wrong about Brooke and wants to make amends with her; Oliver is overwhelmed with guilt about what took place at Hope's graduation party; It becomes difficult to hide his emotions and Oliver experiences a panic attack.

Tuesday, June 8
Ridge and Brooke have a miscommunication about the current state of their sex life; Steffy confronts Hope about not being an invited guest to her party; Hope has new confidence in her relationship with Oliver.

Wednesday, June 9
Brooke confronts Oliver about his strange behavior; Ridge and Stephanie share a cathartic moment; Oliver sets Steffy straight when she asks about his and Hope's sex life; Stephanie is puzzled by Pam's new defiant attitude.

Thursday, June 10
Bridget and Owen share a tender moment after receiving the results of her ultrasound test; Stephen arranges a romantic evening for Pam; Stephanie becomes determined to find out who the new man in Pam's life is.

Friday, June 11
Brooke tries to spice things up in her marriage by re-creating a magical night; Stephanie is furious when she learns that Stephen is Pam's lover; Oliver worries about what Hope might see on Daddy Yankee's music video; Brooke makes a startling revelation.

Previously Posted 6/3

Monday: A startling realization puts a damper on a guest at Hope's graduation party; Stephanie makes an admission that shocks Eric.

Tuesday: Oliver makes an emotional confession to Hope; Ridge and Brooke have a confusing conversation filled with miscommunication.

Wednesday: Stephen tries to convince Pam to free herself from the hold that Stephanie has over her; Oliver becomes defensive over Brooke's accusations; Stephanie and Ridge have a cathartic moment.

Thursday: Bridget's ultrasound results are revealed; Stephen helps Pam take a drastic step to liberating himself from Stephanie's control.

Friday: Stephanie discovers the reason for Pam's erratic behavior; Oliver worries that Hope will see the truth when she watches Daddy Yankee's music video.

Previously Posted 5/28

Oliver is overcome with guilt about what happened at Hope's graduation party, and the pressure leads him to suffer a panic attack.

With Hope secure in their relationship, Oliver fears that she might see something very disturbing on the music video that was filmed at her party.

Brooke grills Oliver about whether he cheated on Hope with Steffy.

Later, Brooke makes a startling revelation.

During a romantic evening with Pam, Stephen manipulates her into breaking free of Stephanie's control by stopping her bipolar medication.

Stephanie becomes furious on learning that Stephen is responsible for Pam's erratic behavior and is living with her.

Bridget and Owen share a special moment after seeing the ultrasound test results.

COMING: Stephanie is on the warpath again.

Casting/Extra Scoops (from Soap Opera Digest)

• Amber's (Adrienne Frantz) return is sure to spice things up a bit, considering her juicy past on the show—and her previous love interest, Rick (Kyle Lowder) is currently unattached. Head honcho Brad Bell previews: "Initially, we're going to take a period of time where we re-introduce the character, but she becomes the Amber that we knew from the very beginning. She's a troublemaker, but she's also a talent. She is no longer a kid; she is someone who has lived and now knows what she wants out of life. That's leading her back to fashion—and back to Rick."

• After 14 years on-contract, fan fave Winsor Harmon (Thorne) has been bumped to recurring status.

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Thank you!
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