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~ATWT Spoilers & Discussion~; SOD Summer preview
Topic Started: May 20 2010, 09:57 PM (1,196 Views)
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Holden/Molly/Lily - Holden makes a serious commitment to Molly, which forces Lily to stop lying to herself about what she wants.

Carly/Jack- Jack and Carly wonder if they can be happy given how they handled the situation with Parker.

Dusty/Janet - A man named Blackthorne from Janet's past comes and complicates Dusty and Janet's lives.

V./Henry/Babs - Vienna starts to realize Henry loves Babs. Babs wants Henry and starts to get into trouble despite herself.

Katie - Katie's matchmaking starts to affect herself, as well as Casey and Alison, Chris, Henry and Vienna.

Luke/Reid/Noah - Hospital politics complicate Luke and Reid's relationship, making them wonder if this is worth it. Meanwhile, Noah regrets letting Luke get away.

Parker/Libs - Parker and Liberty remain entangled, unsure how to relate to each other.

Craig/Lily/Gabriel - Craig and Lily bond over Gabriel, but Lucinda's desire to keep Craig away leads her to do some extreme things.

Meg/Paul/Em - The battle over Eliza gets dramatic and dangerous, but ultimately, the situation will be resolved.

Will/Gwen - They come back because of a serious situation with Babs. They'll be around for awhile.

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SID summer spoilers

Bob tells Reid he has to choose between Luke and his job. Also, he deals with Noah still being in the picture.

Molly and Holden plan their wedding, but Lily comes up with something to blackmail Molly with.

Dusty and Janet get close until she learns about the inheritence scam. Jack and Janet work on their relationship.

Gabriel is trying to get Libs in bed so Parker has to up his game. Faith wants to help, but she really wants Parker for herself.

While drunk, Chris tells Ali he wants Katie.

Paul and Meg's custody battle gets ugly when it's revealed that someone is drugging Meg.

Craig goes to jail for his crimes, but he wants to make things up to Carly and Gabriel.

Vienna's wedding to Henry is on.... until Babs learns that Vienna slept with Casey

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