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~ATWT Spoilers & Discussion~; Week of May 31, 2010
Topic Started: May 15 2010, 09:16 PM (1,225 Views)
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Libs feels caught between Parker and Gabriel.
Holden rescues Molly from Silas.

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Lucinda pushes Lily to go after Holden. Later, Lily and Holden talk about Luke and Noah's relationship problems, which they think reflect their own. Lily kisses Holden and he responds. Before things can go further, Holden gets an urgent phone call from Molly, who is in trouble. Holden leaves. Faith calls Lily out for kissing Holden. Lily goes to the farm to apologize and Holden and Molly are there. They have news for Lily: they are getting married. Lily is upset.


Henry tells V. he has feelings for Babs. V. lets it slide because she still wants Henry. Later, V. tells Katie that she's not pregnant AND that she's been sleeping with Casey on the side. Katie chooses to help V. rather than tell Henry the truth.

Victor Slezak, who plays Silas, leaves the show on June 4th when his character dies.

Thursday, June 3rd - Lily has a party to welcome Gabriel.
Friday, June 4th - Carly destroys evidence.


Noah sees Luke for the first time since the accident.
Casey confronts Vienna about her deception.
Emily visits Meg in the hospital.
Katie gets some wise advise.


Noah sees Luke and Reid kissing, but chooses to keep the info.. and that he can see to himself. Later, Luke, Reid and Noah all go to Yo's together, where Noah reveals everything. Things get confusing and awkward for Luke and even moreso when Noah later shows up at Lily's party to thank her for her support. Reid shows up too, having been invited by Luke. And next week, Reid us taken by surprise when Noah punches him.

Tuesday June 1- Helen Wagner makes her last appearance as Nancy where she gives Katie some important advice.

Holden and Lily are out on the terrace during Lily's party for Gabriel and they're discussing Luke and Noah. The conversation about L/N echoes their own messy love story. Things get heated and Lily kisses Holden. Before it can go further, Holden gets an urgent message from Molly and finds her in a dangerous situation. Holden rescues her and realizes he could have lost her forever. Then and there, Holden asks Molly to marry him... just as Lily approaches.

Casey confronts V. about her lies.
Em visits Meg in the hospital.
Carly destroys evidence.
Henry tells V. how he feels about Babs.

Thursday, June 3rd - Lily hosts a party to welcome Gabriel in the family.



Eliza's christening day arrives; Noah encounters Luke for the first time since the accident.


Vienna is confronted; Emily goes to see Meg in the hospital.


Chris' feelings are revealed; Lily asks Holden and Molly over for dinner.


Lily has a party for Gabriel; Jack investigates the incident at Monte Carlo.


Evidence is destroyed; Molly winds up in trouble.



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