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~B&B SPoilers & Discussion~; Week of April 26, 2010
Topic Started: Apr 25 2010, 10:28 PM (533 Views)
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Monday, April 26
Aggie promises she won't tell Nick about Bridget and Owen; Eric asks Donna to come home; Bill gives Justin an incentive to help with his plan; Pam shows Eric a photo on the Internet of him kissing Stephanie.

Tuesday, April 27
Bill gives Donna a list of demands to give to Eric; Donna feels hopeless about her marriage; Nick and Bridget tell Jackie and Owen that Bridget's pregnant; Bridget and Owen privately agree to take a paternity test.

Wednesday, April 28
Donna is torn by her conflicting emotions and tells Eric that she needs time to think; Bill makes a confession to Katie about Donna, and Katie questions his motives; Bill promises Donna and Katie he will help them seek revenge against Eric and Stephanie.

Thursday, April 29
Stephen asks Bill to do whatever he can to hurt Eric; Steffy's jealousy gets the best of her when she sees how happy Oliver and Hope are; Bill tells Stephanie about Donna's settlement demands; Pam's behavior becomes erratic.

Friday, April 30
Whip invites Taylor to give Brooke and Ridge competition as "steam-room champions"; Owen accompanies Bridget to her doctor's appointment to determine the paternity of her baby; Jackie is surprised to find Owen and Bridget together at the hospital.

Previously Posted 4/23

Monday: Bill plots to break up Eric and Donna; Aggie makes a promise to Oliver that she may not be able to keep.

Tuesday: Bill shows Donna proof that Eric's loyalties no longer lie with her; Bridget and Owen seek the truth.

Wednesday: Brooke informs Ridge of the events that have taken place while he has been gone; Bill and Eric draw new battle lines for control of Forrester Creations.

Thursday: Stephen and Bill's hatred of Eric and Stephanie unites the duo; Hope eagerly watches the video with Oliver and Steffy; Stephanie's gesture toward the Logans fuels Donna's rage.

Friday: Whip invites Taylor to join the challenge to beat Ridge and Brooke; Jackie discovers that Bridget has ordered a paternity test.

Previously Posted 4/16

After receiving an offer from Stephanie to move out, Eric tells Donna he doesn't want to end their marriage, and asks her to come home.

However, Bill gives Donna a list of demands he had drawn up for her in the event she divorces Eric.

Furious when she sees on the Internet a photo of Eric kissing Stephanie, Donna tells Eric she needs time to think about whether they still have a future together.

Donna gives Eric the list of demands to read, unaware it includes her getting half of Forrester Creations.

Nick and Bridget tell Jackie and Owen about her pregnancy.

Jackie turns up at the hospital to find Bridget and Owen together for purposes of him taking a paternity test.

Steffy gives vent to her jealousy as she watches Oliver and Hope bask in their happiness.

COMING: Bill does his best to keep causing trouble.
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