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21 Weeks To Go
Topic Started: Apr 23 2010, 04:08 PM (909 Views)
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Big agree on Henry/Babs. They are so wrong, they're right! I was a huge Henry/Vienna fan but I have to say even I want Babs with him now. Its nice to see the fun side of Babs that has been missing for so long.

Also loving Luke/Reid, I was never a big Nuke fan but "Lure" (I guess thats what folks are calling them) are keepers. Reid doesnt let Luke be whiny which was my biggest problem with him. As far as I'm concerned Noah needs to take a hike.

I just want all the Ciccones gone NOW!!!! NuLibs has done a nice job but really its time to move on. Terri and Janet are both useless wastes of space/screentime. I've never been able to take McCouchs Dusty so its a great thing when I get Janet/Dusty scenes I get to ff both at once lol. NuLily/Meg/Paul/Emily also get my ff button regularly.
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