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21 Weeks To Go
Topic Started: Apr 23 2010, 04:08 PM (917 Views)
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My quarter-century-plus chapter of being a viewer of daytime soaps comes to a close in September with the end of ATWT. A few thoughts on the show recently (which I fast through large chunks of everyday... I'm TRYING to watch more since the end is so nigh, but there's just not enough of interest to slow down for, sadly...). --

The Babs/Henry/Vienna triangle is very odd.

If Martha Byrne doesn't return... I would be totally fine with the show ending with Holden and Molly together. I understand, of course, that there is zero chance of that happening, but... I kinda enjoy Holden & Molly together, and Holden with Beck's Lily does nothing for me.

Molly taking phone calls from her ex, that whole storyline... very annoying.

I know Lesli Kay has an open door/recurring-but-never-used thing with B&B, and that her ATWT stint was expanded (long-term 'loan'... hey, why not?) , but can any B&B watchers tell me if she's been on there AT ALL since we started seeing so much of Molly?

It's insane to me that either Chris or Casey would still be interested in Allison in any way.

Daniel Cosgrove is a really good actor. There's a lot of 'aw, too bad, it's too late' about his showing up here, but he's clearly an asset to any remaining soap that might wanna bring him on...

If I didn't read that Liberty had been recast, I would not have noticed.

I need James Stenbeck back before the end. I know plenty of fans are exhausted with him, but I love Herrera's work so much, and (though I tend to favor 'realism' more than the 'extreme fantasy' stuff in my soaps) I've always enjoyed James' inability to stay dead... I will NOT be happy if the pathetic excuse for a character that was Henry's Mom is the ULTIMATE ender of James Stenbeck's life. And then the Pelphrey-as-the-brainwashed-kid was the last James story... no. Unacceptable. Herrera needs to come back, once more, with feeling.

I do NOT, however, need any more Damian Grimaldi.

Really weird that Emily wasn't at Kim and Bob's big party.

Their break-up/not-really-married mini-story crisis was totally lame, but the flashbacks were super-fun to see (especially the earliest Bob/Lisa stuff).

I hope Julianne Moore's cameo DOES encourage some more big names to drop in, but some (Tomei, Posey) wouldn't make much sense story-wise... (Meg Ryan would be a nice 'get' for them... Fichtner (again, better if Byrne were Lily, or if Meg weren't imminently departing the canvas) would be awesome...).

I expect we'll see Iva... I expect we'll see Andy...

I HOPE Larry Bryggman says 'what the hell' instead of 'nah, fuck it, don't want to'. I'd very much like to see John Dixon again.

I don't care for the Luke/Noah/Reed Oliver stuff (it's not homophobia, of course... just boring storytelling...).

Faith and drugs... zzzzzzzzzzz...

Wow, Janet is on a lot.

I gather the plan for Craig before the end is some kind of big 'redemption' (ala Alan Spaulding sacrificing his life for Phillip), but as much a soap staple as the surprise-kid-from-out-of-nowhere is, I think it's WAY too late at this date to bring this uninteresting Gabriel guy in...

I wish I could say that I'll miss the show...

I'll miss the IDEA of it...

TPTB just aren't delivering much in the way of quality. Sad.

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>> except for an odd accidental moment or two, I never watched enough to know if the recast was decent or not.

She's not bad. Clearly an actress that knows what she's doing... she's just not really 'Lily' (like her, hate her, tired of her, whichever... somebody in a role THAT long IS the character, making recasts hard to accept).

>> a bigger and better return would be Larry Bryggman's John Dixon.

It's just so wrong that he disappeared without explanation, and was SUCH a major player for so many years (with family still very much on-canvas)... and while it's true that Bryggman is/was a grumpy guy who very often didn't dig the material his 'day job' offered him, he DID appreciate HAVING the steady work for so long... no, he doesn't 'owe' the show or its producers or its fans... but come on... what does it hurt (to come back for a few days)? It would make a lot of people happy.

>> Yes to Andy coming back. He just has to.

It wouldn't make any sense for him not to.
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I know Craig's been a bad guy. A villain, an asshole, a terrible father... he's stolen Lucinda's company and betrayed Lily's trust and blah blah blah...

But they (Sierra, Lucinda, Lily) still, you know, CARED about him, and at various times, they've been friendly or more than that. He's 'family'. And when they all lost Bryant...

So twenty years ago... this kid... and...

I don't like deep dark secrets when there's every reason for 'the truth' to have come out long before it did/has/is-going-to-now just because a new set of writers is scrambling to come up with something to fill out some time. It's stupid.
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