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21 Weeks To Go
Topic Started: Apr 23 2010, 04:08 PM (927 Views)
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Wow. I haven't watched ATWT in years---the final nail in the coffin was Julia as a rapist, played for camp. Just thinking about that scene (which I had to turn off) turns my stomach and I couldn't get past it.

That said, I am very sorry for the end of ATWT. I read Dax's post and agreed with it, to the extent that I've been out of the loop for many years. With a couple of exceptions.

Martha Byrne's Lily was soooooooo done for me long before Byrne left the role. I am sorry if the actress was treated badly, but her dual role as Lily/Rose got on my very last nerve and as a character, I thought Lily had played out. I was actually excited to learn the role had been recast and except for an odd accidental moment or two, I never watched enough to know if the recast was decent or not. I always did like Holden and thought he deserved much better than warmed over oatmeal Lily, who seemed not at all to be related to her bio or her adoptive mother, even as a rebellion. That said: Sure, bring back Martha Byrne for her fans who deserve that much. I can see the need, even if she's not my cup of tea.

Never cared much for Molly and a huge agree that we don't need to ever see Damian or even hear his name again. Meh, re: John Stenbeck. I get why he should return, but a bigger and better return would be Larry Bryggman's John Dixon.

Yes to Andy coming back. He just has to.

Meg Ryan would be a genuine kick to see again: I'd try to watch just for that.

And yeah, Daniel Cosgrove is a terrific actor. Genius to have him as Chris.

All of that aside, honestly I just feel bad for the fans of ATWT that they have to see their soap die and even more sad that it has to be a long, drawn out inglorious death at that.

I hope that there is a bit of mercy at the end and some of the great characters come back and are written as themselves and not as some madhouse cartoon version.
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