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~ATWT spoilers & discussion~; Week of April 26, 2010
Topic Started: Apr 10 2010, 11:44 AM (1,024 Views)
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Parker struggles with a secret.
Katie tries to get a certain Oakdale twosome together.

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A suspicious Carly trails Craig.
Parker is caught by Libs and Gabriel.
Molly is tired of Holden's excuses.
Lucinda and Lily reveal a big secret.

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Janet tells Dusty it’s over after an uninvited Dusty attends the funeral for Janet and Teri’s father.
Janet returns her engagement ring to Dusty.

Gabriel's bad behavior gets a rise out of Parker.
Monte Carlo burns down.
Meg interrupts Eliza's custody hearing.
Carly is upset to learn what Craig has been up to.

Parker finds out his trust fund money is gone and suspects Gabriel. Liberty and Gabriel catch Parker going through Gabriel's things.

With a suspicious Carly close behind, Craig tries to track down Ellis, but misses him. Craig admits he made bad business investments and Carly regrets getting involved with Craig again. Craig comes up with the idea of burning down the business and collecting the insurance money. Gabriel gets trapped in the fire and lies out cold after a fight with Parker.

Janet can't forgive Dusty, cancels their engagement and returns his ring.

Molly acts out by spending time with the Congressman after Holden blows her off to help out Lily.

Luke and Reid continue to get closer, but Luke is torn when Noah calls and needs Luke to be with him while he awaits his upcoming surgery.

Meg creates a stir at Eliza's custody hearing.

Lily and Lucinda talk about a secret they've kept for two decades.

Monday 4/26
Libs warns Gabriel about Parker; Dusty gets a shock, Carly follows Craig.

Tuesday 4/27
Craig confesses, Gabriel and Parker square off.

Wednesday 4/28
Gabriel can't be found, Lucinda and Lily wonder if it's time to tell the truth.

Thursday 4/29
Meg interrupts Eliza's custody hearing, Carly tries to get Parker to fess up.

Friday 4/30
Craig explodes, Carly shields Parker.

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