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~ATWT Spoilers & Discussion~; Week of March 1, 2010
Topic Started: Feb 22 2010, 10:58 PM (788 Views)
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Monday, March 1 - Henry and Babs scrap with Katie.
Tuesday, March 2 - Faith gets caught.


Carly is trapped in her hotel room by Craig who is angered when Carly deceives him

Damian tries to help Faith

Dusty's confession shocks both Juicy & Jack.

Lily does not turn her back on Holden

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Faith is found to have drugs in her possession and gets into deep trouble at her school. Damain makes deal with Faith: he will tell the school's headmistress that he is her father but in return she must co-operate with him.

Faith agrees to help Damain to get her mum alone so that Damain can have a talk with Lily. However things don't go as Damian planned.
Faith goes back to Oakdale to see her father in prison.

Katie finds out that Babs & Henry are sleeping together.

Reid is taken aback when Bob & Kim are on his side during his preliminary hearing. Luke is also there to help him by asking the judge to drop all charges against Reid

Reid is told by the Judge that he can leave Oakdale. Reid is appreciative of Luke's help and tells Luke that he will will taking Noah to Dallas in order for Noah to get better treatment for his eyes.

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Jack makes an admission of truth to Juicy

Babs leaves Henry in anger

Faith's in deep trouble at her school


Babs walks out on Henry.
Faith gets in trouble at school.
Reid has a thaw in his feelings regarding Bob and Luke.
Jack tells Janet how he feels about Carly.
Noah makes his position clear to Luke.

Can't Miss: Tuesday, Mar. 2 - Damian's back.

When Jack tries to find Dusty, Jack makes a discovery and it may be more than what he expected

Dusty tells Juicy that he is in love with her. However Juicy might want to be cautious because Dusty falls in love easily

It seems like Carly can't stop having contact with Craig. Will there be trouble when she brings him to Minnesota with her?

Holden is in deep doodoo and Demon tells Faith that in order to free Holden, she must co-operate with him.

Will Katie reject Henry's generous gift of James Stenbeck's money? Well, Dr Reid tells Katie that she should take the big bucks offered to her


Carly thinks that the situation between Carjack will change after she spills the beans abt Dusty & Juicy's hook up. However Jack says that he still has to think abt his family with Janet

Dusty is assisting Libby in her preperations for her cancer treatment. Jack & Dusty talk abt Juicy and Dusty confesses that he loves Juicy.
He also reveals that Jack hasn't been emotionally present for Juicy. Upon hearing this, Jack has a confrontation with his wife.

Craig & Carly barges in on the Jack & Juicy conversation and Carly blurts out that Jack wanted to leave Juicy but he changed his mind when he found out abt Libby's cancer. Janet is unhappy that she did not know abt this revelation and that she is in the middle of all the betrayal & deception.

Carly says that since the truth is out about everything, everybody should be able to be with the person they choose. Janet wants everybody to get out and demands to know from Jack whether he still loves Carly.

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Juicy does not give an apology for sleeping with Dusty when Jack demands an explaination from her

Carly blows the lid on the fact that Jack only stayed with Juicy due to Liberty's cancer diagnosis

Juicy is deeply shaken by this and wants to know if Jack is still in love with Carly

Jack admits that he still loves carly. Juicy and Jack both agree to annul their marriage

However Juicy says that she still intends to have a baby to help Libby

Dusty asks Jen for her blessing to be w Juicy, he then boldly goes to Janet to ask for her hand in marriage

Juicy receives some stunning news

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