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~B&B SPoilers & Discussion~; Week of January 25, 2010
Topic Started: Jan 17 2010, 11:35 AM (727 Views)
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The Week of January 25-29

Brooke invites Katie and Donna to the house for dinner, driving an upset Ridge straight to Taylor.

Hoping to turn Taylor back to Ridge, Stephanie warns Whip about Taylor and Ridge's long-held feelings.

The stage is set when Whip vows to win Taylor and shows her a romantic night.

Ridge and Brooke exchange harsh words during a brutally candid conversation, overheard by Hope.

Steffy and Hope temporarily put their differences aside on a girls' night out.

But when Katie names Hope the voice of the new campaign, Steffy confronts Katie about her intentions, and the fragile bond snaps when Hope accuses Steffy of being jealous.

Hope's enjoyable evening at a photo shoot in Graham's apartment turns into a nightmare.

Nick gets a lead on a person he believes is Sandy's attacker.

Oliver tells Sandy the real reason he returned to Los Angeles.

COMING: Taylor gets involved in the families' feud.

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Monday, January 25
Steffy and Hope have a girls' bonding night; Oliver tells his sister why he returned to Los Angeles; Stephanie reverts back to her old ways; Ridge makes a bold statement about Brooke's family.

Tuesday, January 26
Whip invites Taylor to a romantic dinner; Steffy questions Katie about her true intentions; Hope confronts Steffy about her jealousy; Stephanie informs Ridge about what Taylor has been up to recently.

Wednesday, January 27
Stephanie urges Ridge to get away from the Logans and reunite with Taylor; Brooke lashes out at Stephanie for interfering in her marriage; Nick and Sandy take steps to find her attacker; Graham sets up a photo shoot with Hope in his apartment.

Thursday, January 28
Katie and Brooke argue about the new campaign; Nick visits the man he suspects is Sandy's attacker; Ridge and Taylor speculate about why Katie has a vendetta against Steffy; Hope's evening takes a bad turn.

Friday, January 29
Nick takes a daring approach to uncovering Sandy's possible attacker; Taylor interrogates Steffy about why Katie is trying to push her out of the company; Hope overhears a brutally candid conversation between Brooke and Ridge.

Previously Posted 1/20

Monday: Ridge and Brooke search for ways to overcome their obstacles; Oliver and Sandy catch up.

Tuesday: Whip shares his feelings with Taylor; frustrations arise at Forrester Creations.

Wednesday: Brooke argues with her mother-in-law; Graham lures Hope to his loft for a photo shoot.

Thursday: Katie puts Hope's campaign into full effect; Nick shares his plan with Sandy; Hope is devastated.

Friday: Hope inadvertently puts herself in danger; Nick and Sandy come closer to cracking the case.
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