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Beth Ehlers; Off AMC
Topic Started: Sep 28 2009, 06:40 PM (1,630 Views)
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Krystal, my assessment of RPG's Gus was the same as yours. However, I think the character could have worked if they had let him play dark. He seemed suited to that. I caught a couple of minutes of some made for tv movie a few years back with RPG as a stereotypical bad guy, and he was great. There were some moments on GL when I saw potential for great, but whether you blame it on mediocre to bad writing or RPG's bad instincts/gift for excess cute muggings, it would all dissolve away for me pretty quickly. When he helped host the T-Day parade, I thought he came across like Gus, and I did not like him better for it.

I don't know if BE was treated terribly for a long time at GL: she sure seemed to get plenty of screen time for long enough--and I really liked Harley. Pre-GusH, of course. The endless cooing and gooing between a good (enough) woman and a very ethically challenged man was just a re-do of Manny.

And see here: I just used two couple nick names. I only do that when the two people in the couple morph into a two headed monster, with their hearts beating as one (either awwwwww or puke, depending on how you feel about such things) and no distinct personality except a propensity to gobble up the whole show.

I thought the stuff that BE was saying in the press at the time was unwise. I think she had a lot going on in her personal life and I could see why she might not want to stay on the show, regardless. I don't discount the obvious friendship between BE and RPG.
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nteresting that you compare GUSH to Manny, because it seems to me that the die-hard PAS/NSA fans were the most vocal in their dislike of Beth, Ricky and the pairing.

Exactly: GusH was a direct competitor to Manny. I disliked both for essentially the same reasons: Pairing of a decent (though flawed, Harley more so, and more interesting than Michelle) woman with a highly unethical, criminal, even, man who was very attractive. Woman disregards her own ethics, and her own needs, her own personality to accomodate rotten guy. In both cases, the criminal male was shown to be involved in criminal/highly unethical dealings yet presented as a hero. Over and over and over and over again. Unfortunately the appeal of the pairings tended towards treacly and cutesy stuff--which I find unappealing the first time. The couples stagnated seriously and very quickly.

Now, I actually liked Danny much more than I liked Gus and I think that PAS is a better, or at least, more appealing actor. But then BE is head, shoulders, knees and toes better an actress than NSA.

From what I understand, Rauch is a real pig towards women, period.

Re: Beth/Phillip/Harley. I hated what this sl did to Beth as a character. What was always good about Beth is that she exuded an outward fragility but inwardly, was made of steel, in the best possible way. Harley was her opposite: tough exterior, but soft and vulnerable inside.

I didn't dislike Harley for not forgiving Phillip for the plane boink. I understood it, but wished that she could have forgiven him, especially since the resulting James was responsible for saving Lizzie's life, and Harley loved Lizzie. Also, I honestly always thought so much of Harley that I thought that she'd get past it. That said, I thought that Harley and Philip were wonderful friends who should never have married. I only read a couple of boards, but I don't remember hoards of viewers turning against Harley because she didn't forgive Phillip.

The storyline was hard to watch, painful, really, because it was played so well by all, especially BE. For me, it was like watching dear friends behave so badly towards each other and being so disappointed in all of them.

Then the whole Harley was secretly pregnant with Rick's child. I think that turned viewers off: silly sl with a retro fitted boink. I was one of perhaps half a dozen people who really thought that Harley and Rick could have been a successful couple and was heartily disappointed that they didn't go in that direction. Great potential for fall out between Rick and Phillip--and a situation where Rick could/should have won the girl.

From the first scene that I saw with Gus and Harley, I knew that tptb were pairing them and I hated it from the beginning. Partly because it meant that Rick couldn't be happy for a change, and partly because I just didn't like the kind of pairing they were going for. And I pretty much took an instant dislike to Gus. To me, Gus and Jeffrey were in many ways different versions of the same character, or same idea of a character, although Gus was much better just as RPG is a much better actor, even if I don't care much for him.

Sorry if unclear: it's late and I'm bushed!

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