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What decade did you start watching GL?
2000s 2 (2.9%)
1990s 7 (10.1%)
1980s 21 (30.4%)
1970s 22 (31.9%)
1960s 13 (18.8%)
1950s 3 (4.3%)
I used to listen on the radio 1 (1.4%)
Total Votes: 69
When did you start watching GL?
Topic Started: Sep 18 2009, 08:43 AM (1,252 Views)
Deleted User
Deleted User

I started in 1977 (my first memory of it anyhow at age 6) with my mom, then my babysitter (which was my older cousin), and then I had a break from 1980-1984 due to change in where I was after school and during the summer, and then I started again in 1984 with my new step-mom when Darcy was holding Cedars Hospital hostage, and Bert had just had her leg amputated, and Susan Piper was wrecking havock for Annabele and Tony Reardon and I have watched it forever since during my teen years and all of my adult hood until now, at age 37. I feel like my childhood has ended and I finally have become an adult as GL was the last part of my childhood that has seized to exist.
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