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~GL Spoilers and Discussion~; Week of September 14/ Finale week
Topic Started: Sep 9 2009, 05:41 AM (3,932 Views)
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What is kind of odd is in the background of one of the photos it looks like MOL is flashing the finger.

I was amazed they quoted Justin Deas!

Not surprised about Josh/Reva. Commiserations.
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Starting from Dax's thoughts of last week.

I liked the double wedding too, and am glad that Tina Sloan asked for the scene at Maureen's grave.

Enjoyed Marj and Grant in Alan's death, and of anyone to die on screen that was one of the better choices from a dramatic standpoint. Wish they would have mentioned Alan-Michael and Amanda.

Supposedly Dinah killed some guy that posing as Edmund it doesn't make much sense. Mallet was noble because he couldn't deal with sharing his son, that was strange. It wasn't as if Marina cheated on him to make baby Henry.

LOL Dax you want Michelle for yourself right?

Daisy/Ashlee going to school could have been on another episode, and we didn't need another Remy/Christina wedding. Matt and Maureen was filler, he is supposed to be with that teacher. Jackson is the maiden name of Rick's mom. Frank and Blake scenes at the bridge was the last thing Liz shot. It was just okay and on screen we saw their screennames while IMing as frankly with a random number and cbtm spfld (which stood for Christina Blake Thorpe Marler) not whatever names they gave on camera. It was weird that they didn't match.

I missed Vanessa too at the end of the week.

Reva will be upset to know Jeffrey is alive, Jonathan knew and lied. How is that far to Colin regardless of what ones feels about his father?

One year later stuff.. Shayne/Marina doesn't matter, Bill/Lizzie having HBIV... Remy/Christina naming the kid after Clayton okay. Frank/Blake whatever doesn't mean that Blake won't leave him for Ross who isn't really dead or for a really hot friend of one of her kids when they are grown.

Dinah and Mallet were at least smiling for once.

I wanted more of Ed, and more of Holly. What we got with Blake/Holly was so minimal and about Olivia.

Glad that Jay took the hat when he was canned by GL so we could see him wear it on these last shows.

Nola and Bridget was great to see them, wish it was more. Glad for Quint/Nola off screen reunion, liked the Bridget and Dylan hug. Dylan was in pictures with Reva, Shayne and Jonathan which was nice.

Phillip and Beth being together is good. Rick finally getting a girl was good payoff, and they ignored Leah and Jude. Poor Rick's kids.

Cyrus being Jenna's son was silly. Are we supposed to believe that Jenna was born in 1955. Yikes. Like with James and Daisy, I am not really sure I buy that Cyrus and Mel would still be dating.

Olivia and Natalia should have gotten a kiss, seriously if I had to sit through Blake/Frank and Shayne/Marina...

Peyton was SORASed, but Colin looked too big too.

LOL about Natalia looking pregnant again.

The last week is what it is...we can continue the story now in our minds anyway we want. It could have been a lot worse if the original spoiler panned out or if they didn't have time to bring certain people back to canvas. Imagine what the last few weeks would have been like without Phillip.
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