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~GL Spoilers and Discussion~; Week of September 14/ Finale week
Topic Started: Sep 9 2009, 05:41 AM (3,935 Views)
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My only hope is that Josh goes to Venezuela (or makes an attempt to do so), Reva follows him, they somehow stumble across Jeffrey --never mind wherever it is that Jeffrey and Edmund are supposedly playing cat and mouse---and Reva takes one look and tells Edmund to fire away, she's going home with Josh.

I know (as in, in my heart, not from anything I've read) that Josh will find Jeffrey and I know it is too much to expect that he finds him dead.
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Sep 17 2009, 01:00 PM
Friday Sept 18

Frank and Blake are surprised and pleased to discover they were talking to each other through the dating website. Natalia wants to make sure that Frank knows how important he is in their baby's life. Olivia and Natalia inform Frank that they want to name the baby Francesca after him. Daisy announces that she's going to Berkeley. James admits to Daisy that he'll miss her. Doris gets Ashley into a writing school near Daisy. Later on, Ashlee and Daisy leave for California. Maureen sets Matt up with her teacher. Doris marries Remy and Christina again. After the wedding, Remy and Christina announce that their having a baby.

Billy gives Jonathan a job at Company. Lizzie thinks it's a bad idea for Alex to leave the country with Fletcher but Alex is excited about the next chapter in her life. Mindy surprises Bill by announcing that she's moving home. Marina thanks Mallet for sending a wedding present to Buzz. Later, Marina gets Shayne a job as assistant coach for the high school. Shayne finally feels like his life is coming together.

Josh reveals to Reva that he's moving but admits that he will always love her. Reva says she loves him but isn't ready to be involved with him. Josh gives her a proposition. In a year from this day, Josh will come back to Springfield. If Reva is ready to start over with Josh, he will be at the lighthouse waiting for her.


The town gathers to cheer on Shayne's baseball game. Billy wants Jonathan to be foreman on the elementary school project. Lizzie and Bill prepare for their new baby. Christina arrives at the game with her baby Clayton. Rafe returns home from the Army. Natalia introduces Rafe to his little sister. The group toasts to Rick and Mindy on their wedding day. James visits Ashlee and Daisy in California. Mallet and Dinah stand in a church together in Europe. Reva decides that she has found herself and makes her way to the lighthouse. Josh is at the lighthouse waiting for her. Josh takes Reva and Colin away to start their new adventures together.

:wow: :woot: I'm so happy I can't stand it.

Josh and Reva
Dinah and Mallet

I couldn't ask for a better ending. Yippee-ki-yi-ya :applause: :cheers1: :happydance:
If this is what really happens, it will end as it should, although with this sort of rearrangement, why should the show ever end??????

Seriously, makes up for not seeing JON in a wood chipper, full throttle on.
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Yes, to pretty much everything above.

A lot of quibbles I am letting slide because I am just so damned grateful for some happy endings.

I don't know that I found the mention of missing Ben to be awkward. I was just thrilled that he was mentioned, and no mention of how horribly things ended.

It was fitting that Fletcher came to take Alex away for a nice, long trip after Alan's death. Honestly, the best thing possible at this time of her life. And a good thing, to look forward instead of backward.

I found the absence of Nick or Alan Michael to be much more glaring than no Amanda or no Justin or even no Hope. But not worse than no Clarissa, no Kevin, no Jason, no Peter. They could/should have been around at the end, and all along, really. It would have been nice to have Harley back, with the boys, or at least the boys. I understand why BE couldn't /wouldn't have been there, but just saying, it would have been a nice gesture.

I took Dinah/Mallet to be together, married and so in love that Dinah has to relive her own wedding vows at every opportunity.

There are many things I would quibble and out and out argue about if the show were to go on. Why were Olivia and Natalia the ones picking out baby names? Frank certainly should have been as much involved as Natalia and more than Olivia. And no matter what I cannot imagine Olivia falling for Natalia or anyone like her, male or female. Pretty, sure, but personality definitely lacking. I can see why some felt cheated of even a kiss, but I never felt they made sense together, even if they had always been written as into women.

I still think that James was very well cast--looked just right and his mannerisms were spot on. Hate the way he was written, and hooking up with his step sister is just gross, but so has been Daisy.

Remy/Christina were always so pretty and plastic, it is no wonder that the only thing that anybody could think of to do with them was to have them get married again and again and again. Who cares? There is absolutely nothing behind the (admittedly staggering) good looks and bubbly personality. YAWN. and YAWN to Cyrus and Mel: aside from being both attractive and having reciprocating genitalia, why would they hook up? No offense to either actor, but neither character had a purpose on the show and certainly, the show needn't have wasted time showing us that they were together.

But all that aside, I am still glad for all of the happy endings. Too bad the show couldn't pick up where this regime left it: Daisy and Ashley out of town; Reva/Josh, Billy/Vanessa, Rick/Mindy, Phillip/Beth, Billy/Lizzie. Let those Marler kids tear up the canvas for a while, especially with Peter back in town, at Springfield U. Good reason for Nola and Bridget to visit as well.

I will miss Guiding Light a great deal.


Edited to add: I honestly wish that the last shot had been of Blake, opening the door and crying: Ross!

Oh, and the other quibble: why on earth, with that beautiful lighthouse available as backround, did they shoot Josh with a parking lot behind him??? Distracting. And dumb.
Edited by tgir, Sep 20 2009, 10:40 PM.
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