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Couples that weren't given a chance; inspired by Gatekeeper's love of Phindy
Topic Started: Sep 17 2009, 09:53 AM (771 Views)
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Since Gatekeeper loves to harp on how great a couple Mindy and Philip could have been. Here is my list of couples that I believe were not given a chance or didn't stay together long enough.
1. Josh and Harley-at first I didn't like how quick the writers were doing this after Reva's death, and I had a problem with the age difference but they had chemistry and I loved them together. Too bad Robert Newman left the show and that put an end to that pairing. I kind of wished they would have wrote Harley out with him. Imagine Reva coming back from the dead and Josh married to Harley and Harley having raised her kids-that would have been a great triangle.
2. Roger and Sonnie-I never saw this coming. They were only sharing scenes for maybe a couple weeks before Michelle Forbes left. They had Sonnie quickly wise up about Roger and leave. But when they first started sharing scenes I couldn't wait for the possibilities.
3. Dinah and Jonathan-They had such great chemistry. I remember Jonathan opening her robe to expose her fake pregnancy. Unfortunately, DZ was intent on his kissing cousins storyline so Dinah and Jonathan were kaput quickly. I wish TP would have come back sooner-A Shayne/Dinah/Jonathan triangle would have been great this summer.
4. Annie and Philip-You could tell this was where the writers were headed when Philip helped her detox in the cabin. (That scene, Reva's trial and Annie throwing herself down the stairs are my favorite Annie scenes.) That was a great episode and Cynthia Watros should have been nominated for an emmmy for it that year. But the new writers came in and made Annie a villian (the best thing they could have ever done for Cyntia Watros).
5. Harley and Rick-the chemistry they had surprised me but the writers wanted their Gush. So the writers used the pairing to make Rick one of her babby daddies. If they weren't going to make them a couple, why did they bother writing in Beth Ethler's pregnancy?
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