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~GL Spoilers & Discussion~; 2008 Previews
Topic Started: Dec 23 2007, 08:06 AM (326 Views)
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SID 2008 Previews:

If you thought 2008 (misprint) was full of turmoil and deceit in Springfield,, you haven't seen anything yet! GL's story producerm Jill Lorie Hurst, says the new year starts chock full of romantic triangles and family drama, not to mention plenty of danger! "Loyalities will be tested, new alliances form, and old enemies are thrown together in life-threathening face-offs!" she says. Read on to find out just how your favorite will be affected!

Jonathan Seeks Revenge!
He's baaack, and Hurst promises it won't be a quiet resurrection. In fact, when Jonathan returns to twon, the horror is only getting stated! "Coming back from the dead is always exciting." says the exec. "Jonathan's return to Springfield is no exception to that rule!" When the beloved bad boy powers into town, expect sparks (definitely not the romantic kind!) to fly between him and Alan, creating an animalistic atmosphere for all.

Beth's Baby's Paternity Revealed!
the new year brings a new baby, but counting all the swirling lies! "Some lives will be saved and others shattered when the truth about Beth's baby comes out," the producer reveals. While can definitely look forward to explosive reactions from both Alan and Beth, Hurst promises you can expect justice to be paid as well. "Everyone who kept the secret will pay dearly!" she says.

Will Gus Choose Natalia Or Olivia?
As Olivia faces her imminent death, she allows herself to fall for Gus! But Natalia won't stand back and allow someone else to steal her man away for a second time. "Determined to be with Gus, [she] is doing all she can to squash his growing closeness to Olivia," previews Hurst. "Protecting her love for Gus leads her to make a dangerous decision!"

More Trouble For Ashlee & Coop?
Though Ava is thrilled to be rolling in the sheets with sexy Bill, Hurst says she's sstill all too happy to continue waiting for Coop's interest in Ashlee to fizzle. But Ava is the least of the couple's problems! The exec hints that their romance could go awry when Doris surprises her daughter and the Coopers with some "very un-Doris-like decisions!"

Love Hurts
Cyrus and Harley's growing attreaction to each other nearly bring the Coopers to a breaking point. "Harley and Marina make surprising choices in the desire to finally get the happily-ever-after love story...with the same man! Hurst says. While Marina and Harley fight one another for Cyrus, Bill and Lizzie just, well, fight! "Bill is not the heckuva nice guy he was when he left Springfield," says the producer. " But he still has a heart, and Lizzie get to it every time he sees her. He gets to her too: he hates that!" You know what that means: Some passionate, steamy bedroom scenes are definitely on the way!"
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The Year in Soaps 2007 - 2008 Preview Magazine

What will happen:

Cassie and Josh's new marriage is put through the paces thanks to Will. when the demon seed's darker side comes to light, watch for a tragic event to unfold. Desperate to get the boy help, Josh turns to the one person he can trust...Reva. But how will Cassie feel about her husband's ongoing connection to her sister? A series of unfolding events will lead to devastating consequences for someone in Springfield! Three proves to be anything but company for Harley, Cyrus and Marina as they play a dangerous game which will lead to someone's feelings being hurt. The never boring Spaulding clan spins out of control when Lizzie comes face to face with her past!
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SOD - 2008 Previews

Posted by LP1 at the Soap Central Board


Jonathan: Jonathan's presence will completely rock the lives of everyone he knows.

Reva/Jeffrey: They will continue to be a smart and sexy couple who challenge yet support each other at every turn. Edmund's stay in town will test them and Jonathan's return will have a huge impact on Reva.

Josh/Cassie/Edmund: Cassie and Josh face many challenges in the new year. Will will test them to the limit. Cassie wants to make up for losing Tammy by saving Will.

Gus/Natalia: Natalia tries to squash Gus' ever growing closeness to Olivia, and in doing so, she makes a very dangerous decision.

Olivia: Olivia faces her own mortality and reassesses her life; she tries to live in the moment with her daughters and lets herself love a very different kind of guy - Gus.

Marina/Cyrus/Harley: Family loyalties will be stretched to the breaking point, with Harley and Marina make surprising choices.

Bill/Lizzie/Dinah/Mallet: Bill has a heart...and Lizzie gets to it every time he sees her. Dinah and Mallet know that they belong together but both of them are stubborn and afraid to get hurt again.

Billy/Vanessa: Trying to put their son back on track causes them to get closer.

Beth/Rick/Alan: When the truth about Beth's baby's paternity comes out it will save some lives and shatter others.

Buzz/Doris/Coop/Ashlee: Ashlee continues to struggle with her divided loyalties, and she and Coop get closer...but Ava is right there waiting for their relationship to blow up. Doris makes some un-Doris-like decisions. Buzz and Lillian are still a fun couple, but Doris could use some saving from Buzz, he's tried to save a bad girl or two before over the years.

Rafe/Daisy: They will slowly find their way back to each other, and in the process more of the Ashlee/Daisy friendship will be shown.
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