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Viewers Don't Like New Look; From The New York Daily News
Topic Started: Mar 26 2008, 06:45 PM (1,228 Views)
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You know, it's weird, but the new format has been the only thing that has kept me watching! As others said, I like that we get to see a town, and that they actually put some thought into picking a town that would look like a fictional Springfield that we grew up with. Big agree on the sound and the lighting and please, quit trying to be artsy by shooting through a branch, that takes away from the much vaunted "realisim!" Just stick a camera on a tripod and let the actors and the writers tell the story!

The story is where we are sadly lacking. The writing sucks and as someone above said, they dont work as anything more then unrelated vignettes. I need a cohesive story and while the new format wont work with such 80's soap staples of explosions, shootings, catfights, back from the dead, evil twins, etc. it is insanely suited for the stories that Irna Phillips used to write, immigrants trying to succeed in a new world, people trying to make it up the social latter, people trying to balance work with family, people trying to balance love and romance at the same time they are dealing with family committments, you know, things we all can relate to.

When I turned it on Monday all I saw was a very hagard looking Harley cutsey voice overs while she drooled over a rather cheesy looking gigilo guy, I also so a heart patent who looked as hale and hearty as I do, and previews of her "Wedding," to a man who is already married and who doesnt love her??? I also saw a woman who had her aunt betray her, who was more concerned with trying to catch that man then she was concerned for her family betrayal. (and what is up with Mallet telling her to keep the will to live, doesnt she just have a broken foot or something?) I can't relate to that stupid shit (who can, it makes no sense) If you are going to push that this was all about making the show contemporary and relevant, then freaking write it that way!
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