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Viewers Don't Like New Look; From The New York Daily News
Topic Started: Mar 26 2008, 06:45 PM (1,229 Views)
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What I do like is that certain sets are more realistic and better looking than that dimly lit Beacon monstrosity where every scene was shot.

I like the idea that we get an overview of what Springfield is supposed to look like. I don't like that this sweeping panorama/chamber of commerce promo is taking the place of all substance of GL.

The sound is improved but still stinks.

The camera work is improved but still not good, and often just wrong.
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Mar 26 2008, 09:18 PM
People don't seem to understand that this facelift wasn't for creative reasons (despite all the spin in the press that suggested it was).

This was done so that the show would survive. The digicams are cheaper to run, and GL let go of 50 people on its production staff by doing this.

I ain't a big fan of it either, but had they not done this, GL would have likely been cancelled this spring.
I know that they did it for financial reasons--not sure the general soap viewing public realizes this.

That is part of the reason that I try to point out things that are better: it is nice not to have everything in that horrible badly lit Beacon set. The camera work and sound are better. I truly do appreciate that tptb are trying to find cost savings to make the show more viable.

The biggest problems with the show remain: the writing is terrible. Not every scene is bad--some are actually good if you take them as self contained units. Strung together, they do not form cohesive storylines that are consistent with what has happend in just the last few months, much less years.

Some broad overviews of some storylines aren't bad, but the execution and particulars are anywhere from lackluster to horrible.

There is a general sense that tptb dislike women (who are the majority of the viewers), and disrespect soaps as a genre, and the soap audience as a whole. It's like they take one small but rabidly vocal fanbase, cast that as the general soap audience and at once try to court that audience--aiming very low on the intelligence/taste levels and piss it off as much as possible at the same time.

Honestly, I loved the story of Reva and Josh and really wish the writers would have just left them together the last time, and allowed both characters to interact with lots of other characters in lots of other ways, the way it used to be. If they felt they had to break up Reva/Josh, and put Josh/Cassie together, why not do it well? There was a story there that could have been told that would have pissed off plenty of viewers, sure, but it would have sucked them into the story instead of into fanbase infighting. Honestly, I don't care if stories don't turn out the way I wnat them to--that has always happened. But it used to be that the story that was told was told well.

If the storytelling were decent, I'd be thrilled to overlook a great deal, production wise. Remember, GL started as a radio show: no fancy sets and costumes. Just good old fashioned good story telling that drew viewers in because it was telling the compelling stories of human lives and interactions and relationships that everybody experiences.
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