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~DAYS Spoilers & Discussion~; March 2008
Topic Started: Mar 16 2008, 07:02 AM (1,273 Views)
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DaysCafe updated 3/25






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SOD Tidbits (Corday interview)

On the SOD Cover: DAYS Cover w/ pictures of Matthew Ashford and Melissa Reeves - with the headline" Casting Shockers"
Other headlines
Big Story for Sami & EJ
Nicole Returns
Coming Back - Bryan R Dattilo

Basically, there is a big three page interview with Ken Corday on the state of DAYS. He talks about Dena Higley as the new head writer - he likes her and he likes that he has a female head writer and she works hard. He discusses upcoming storylines like EJ and Sami. He said that their story will be ramped up when Nicole returns to Salem. Corday says they had to put Sami and EJ on backburner - not in a negative way - in order to play out Marlena/John/Bo/Hope/Steve/ Kayla/ Ava storyline more. Look for more of the backburner characters to be shown more in the summer. Also with the return of Nicole, could Lucas be far behind? Stay tuned, he says. He says that Lucas had to pay for what he did but he (Corday) never thought of Bryan as off the show, so Lucas is coming back but not at this moment. But it seemed to me that Corday might be looking at quadrangle for these characters, he doesn't say that in article, but I think that's where they are going. Also, EJ will working with/for Mickey because the character needed to be doing something for employment.

There was some quotes for Brandon and Martha about their departure and Brandon is possible a frontrunner for new Joey recast at One Life to Live.

Matthew Ashford has not been asked back to DAYS, and focusing more theatre work and he has a DVD of the movie he was in coming out soon. Judi Evans and Wally Kurth are also open to coming back to DAYS if they were asked. The article was generally postive.

DAYS is looking to stunt cast for the part of Ava's father.

Second Chances


Here are a few quotes about Higley and the upcoming stories:

"She understands the history of the show and the female point of view and what the women out there want to see. That is a black and white as I can make it. She's a very facile, hard working head writer."

As for the show he claims the changes in the show were necessary, "It is becoming more about th e people who are the stars fo the show and who we care about. Its not about things happening to our charactes, its about our characters feelings for each other."

Yeah right, so why does the article go on to say that Marlena will start to fall in love with this version of John Black and why does it say that Lucas had to pay for his crime when EJ gets away with his? As for the reason Mickey is coming back is so that EJ can become employed, to which I say, like that's ever mattered to anyone. Having Mickey be the one that hires him is an insult to his nephew.

Here is the part of the article on that talks about MM and BB:

‘Fore Martha Madison, her last day was “a lot easier than I thought it was going to be,” she reflects. “We had a cake and I gave a speech. I took a page out of Farah’s playbook and I prerecorded my goodbye because I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get it out. I just sat there very uncomfortably while my voice played over [laughs].

Bidding farewell to her on-screen parents was tough. “I was much more emotional saying good-bye to Drake than I thought I would be. And then Deidre gave me a beautiful picture of us that has a little bubble outside of her head that says, ‘The daughter I always wished I had. Ij just lost it. She’s wonderful.”

Madison headed to New York after the event. “This is my second trip to New York, hint, hint. I’m meeting with some of the shows out here. I’m hitting the regular, unemployed actor circuit-covering new bases, getting new pictures and hiring a new manager. We’re hitting the ground running.”

She says she was overwhelmed by the petition that the fans created online. There’s almost 10,000 signatures. I can’t believe how many people have signed it; it’s awesome. The fans are really upset and confused about what happened. I couldn’t really offer a lot of help in that department, but you’ll see us again.”

Co-star Brandon Beemer says the viewer support helped soften the blow of their exit. “a lot of them have told me they’ll follow me wherever I go and they’ll watch,” he marvels. “And how it’s the craziest thing they they’ve ever seen, to see us taken off the show and that they’re angry and they’re going to fight to get us back.”

The actor didn’t deny rumors that OLTL was interested in him to play Joey, only saying, “I don’t have any immediate plans. I’m open to whatever, so we’ll just have to see what happens.”

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SOW Spoilers

Can Steve Rescue Hope?

Steve's plan to rescue Hope by convincing Ava she's his wife hits a snag this week when Kayla phones her husband, demanding to know what's going on.

"Steve knows he will need to manipulate the situation to make Ava believe that Hope is of no use to her," sets up Stephen Nichols, adding that when Steve finds Hope and embraces her this week, "He whispers in her ear, 'Follow my lead.' The pair pretend they're husband and wife, then, Steve suggests Ava let 'Kayla' go, since she has him.

No go. Ava insists 'Kayla' stay, because she doesn't trust Steve or his 'wife.' Then, she suggests a quiet dinner for two with Steve, gives him a passionate kiss, and sends 'Kayla' off with the guard. "Steve absolutely goes along with what ever Ava has planned," asserts Nichols. "He is looking for any opportunity to get Hope out."

Meanwhile, the real Kayla, who has been admitted to the hospital, confronts Stephanie about what's going on with her dad. Stephanie admits that Steve's old girlfriend is back in town, determined to get him back. A stunned Kayla grabs the phone. Back at the compound, Steve and 'Kayla' stage a huge fight, hoping Ava will buy they're threw, and let Hope go. When Steve cell phone rings, Ava orders him to answer it, while aiming a gun at Hope. It's the real Kayla, demanding answers.

"Steve tries to say things that will blow Kayla off, but in such a way that won't be too upsetting to her," says Nichols. "He feigns anger and throws the phone, smashing it. He tells Ava it was a real estate agent who won't take no for an answer."

Will Ava fall for that sub-prime excuse?


Sneak Peeks:

Max reveals he helped Nick get this grant.
Bo and Kayla worry about their missing spouses.
Marlena, Sami and EJ move in with John.
Bo confronts Daniel about Chelsea's crush.
John declare war on the Kiriakis empire.

Can't Miss: Tuesday, April 1st
Sami tells the immigration official she loves EJ.

Next Week:
Tony asks Kate out
Hope and Steve devise an escape
Daniel tells Nick to watch Chelsea.
Nicole contracts the Austrian consulate.


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SOW:Why does EJ need a visa?

EJ's immigration woes have curious fans wondering why the American born DiMera is being hassled. After all, Elvis was born to Susan Banks right here in Salem. "Why would EJ need a Visa to stay in the country?" questions one reader.

A Days rep explains that the matter will be addressed on air May 5th, but here's a preview:

"EJ was born to Susan, but was passed off as Kristen's child," reminds the rep. "Therefore, the birth certificate was invalid. When Susan and Edmund left for England with EJ, he was registered and raised there as Edmund's son, a UK citizen. Susan and Edmund falsified what ever [documents] they needed in order to keep the child away from Stefano."

Hence, EJ came to Salem on a British passport.


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SOW:Nicole, a closer look

Nicole arrives at the Kiriakis mansion lock, stock and barrel this week, promptly getting into it with Victor and Chloe. Arianne Zuker discusses her character:

SOW: So Nicole makes her grand entrance while Victor's hosting a party. What can you tell us bout her arrival at the mansion?

AZ: The bell rings and Nicole is standing there. She's got her luggage. She's holding her new little dog, Pookey. She's wearing this big, red furry coat. Viewers will remember it when they see it. The coat has been around for a while. She's thrown it at Maggie at Chez Rouge before. It's one of those coats you look at and think. "Who would ever wear that coat?"

SOW: Does Victor actually open the door?

AZ: No, it's Henderson. Nicole storms right past him and straight into the mansion. She barges into the dinner party. She makes quite an entrance.

SOW: What's the reception like?

AZ: Oh, it's so warm (laughs). No. Everyone is stunned to see her.

SOW: What's Nicole's reaction to everyone there --- Victor, Kate, Chloe, the new hot doctor, Daniel?

AZ: Well, of course, she flirts with the hot doctor a little. She as to. The she sees Chloe and wonders why Brady isn't there with her. She tells Victor she's back and goes to the bar to make herself a drink. She makes herself right at home.

SOW: Victor attempts to throw her out, doesn't he?

AZ: They get into an argument. Victor wants her to leave. Nicole tells Victor that they're still legally married , and she has every right to be there. Of course, Victor is furious. He tries to buy Nicole off. He says, 'I'll write you a check.' He wants to get rid of her, until he can have his lawyers look into this. But Nicole doesn't want a check. She's had enough of being paid off. Kate paid her to marry Lucas. Colin blackmailed her. Nicole tells Victor this isn't about money, which is interesting. If it's not about money, what is it about?

SOW: Since Victor has no recourse, Nicole stays. Does she head up to her old bedroom?

AZ: Nicole tells Henderson to get her room ready. That is, unless, Victor wants to share.

SOW: After her argument with Victor, Nicole also gets into it with Chloe. Right?

AZ: That's the next day, Nicole sees Chloe and wants to know why Brady's not there. Nicole really pushes Chloe's buttons, and they end up getting into a big fight. Nicole instigates the whole thing, but Chloe [lunges] for Nicole first.

SOW: Obviously, Nicole and Chloe are great adversaries. Is there going to be a lot of tension between the two of them because of Brady?

AZ: Brady was the real love of Nicole's life. Chloe's the one she blames for taking him away from her. You never forget that.

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Thank you and bring on our famous Nicole.
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