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I have been reading a ton of Post Apocalyptic Thriller/Dystopian Thriller books but that is nothing new. Lots of good stuff by independent authors. I'm always thrilled when there is a new twist to the post apocalyptic thrillers that I would have never thought of.

I'm considering going back into the world of Anne Rice and re-reading all the Vampire books. She has a new one out so I kind of want to 'refresh' myself since it has been over a decade I've read Anne Rice.

Right now I'm reading End of Watch: A Novel (The Bill Hodges Trilogy) by Stephen King. My husband LOVED this series. I thought it was great even though it wasn't your typical 'Stepehn King' series.

As I keep saying ... So many books so little time.

I know most of you are anti e-readers but for those of you who aren't this is a great website if you don't already know about it ~ https://www.bookbub.com/home/

You sign up and pick out the categories you are interested in and they send you a daily email with either 'free' or 'reduced' price ebooks. I've probably download a 100 books for hubby and I. :)
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