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2 (12 episodes, 2 more than we got last year)
Rami Malek -- Elliot Alderson
Portia Doubleday -- Angela Moss
Carly Chaikin -- Darlene
Michael Cristofer -- Phillip Price
Stephanie Corneliussen -- Joanna Wellick
Martin Wallström -- Tyrell Wellick
Grace Gummer -- Dominique 'Dom' DiPierro
and Christian Slater -- Mr. Robot

Nobody out from 1. Doubleday and Chaikin's billing order was the reverse last year.
Promoted up from recurring - Price and Joanna.
New - Dom.


Leon being all messed up by Seinfeld was funny.

There was a mohawked fsociety extra that looked quite a bit like BB's Paul, I thought.

Friend of mine is a talent agent in NY and has clients in this season... I think one of them is Joanna's new sex toy.

FX and USA are both allowing 'fuck' to air now... Wonder if AMC will stop doing the audio dropouts on BCSaul...

Obama and Nancy Grace impersonators sounded good.

Susan's smart house turning on her was like something out of my nightmares...

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