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Reading around the net about "No One."

• It was stated that Cersei is the only woman Jaime’s ever been with. Huh.

• I was right – lots of dissatisfaction with both the Waif and Blackfish dying off screen. Lots of commenting that this was the worst episode of the season, if not the worst of the series!

• Haha – I didn’t realize the actor playing Tommen has already died as a Lannister once.

• At least 25% of the many many posts I’ve read are some variation of analyzing the very different Book Jaime vs Show Jaime. One theory I read seems very likely, and isn't much to my taste. Assumptions:

1. GRRM has told D&D the endgame for all the players.
2. D&D may modify or adapt, but they will essentially arrive at the same endgame for the overall climax and most individuals.
3. D&D have simplified many plots, eliminated many that don't directly relate to the major endgame.
4. Therefore, if Jaime's redemption arc fizzles in the long run, if his tale is one of a character who isn't able to rise above his circumstances, then D&D may have decided to simplify the arc and have Jaime go from A to Z in a "straight line." Why have him struggle with inner conflict and turmoil that's all for naught. ::sniff::

I cut my survey short of the episode reviews when the Dallas alert popped up.. :'(
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