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I will be interested to see how much Jaime's book story is different when it comes out...

'Yes' to the two offscreen fights being somewhat irksome, but... #9 really does make up for it...

She DID say she was Arya and going home, didn't she? The 'a Girl is' at the front is cutesy, but not inappropriately so.

Yeah, I don't entirely understand the Faceless and their commissions and how/why they accept work. Confusing matters is that... Her mentor in the book ISN'T Jaqen, is it? Like, they brought the character/actor back because we all liked him, but I thought part of the mismatch between the cool Jaqen that asked for three names was because it wasn't originally the same guy heading the Faceless, the show just recycled/condensed... Isn't that right?

What Jaqen wants... My take was... She broke the rules, so, yeah, she has to be dealt with. But he LIKES her, so since she won the fight, there's a 'cool, farewell' aspect... I don't think she's got to worry about more Faceless coming for her in the future.

I didn't love how #7 ended, how Arya's guard was so down when the old flower lady came up to her was so strange everybody speculated that she had to be trying to fake her death, let the Waif THINK she'd won, and making bizarre excuses for her stupidity there... And then, yeah, not super-injured at the start of 8...

Good meme, though... Of Waif stabbing Arya and 'Men: this is how period cramps feel'...

I haven't read the books, but I've yet to see anything that makes me think Lady Stoneheart would be a good show inclusion (or is a story element that I'll like when I do get around to reading the books...).

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