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No One 6X8

Didn’t like this one, for several reasons. Some of those reasons are personal preference things, and not indicative of the episode’s objective quality, but some of the dislike is because of bad writing and/or plotting/directing. Ymmv

-My big dislike was that too much time was spent in the south, esp. in King’s Landing. So Tommen has drunk the koolaid to the extent he will do anything for the High Sparrow. What a twit. You know you’re in trouble when you are rooting for Cersei during a scene.

-And worse than KL - I cannot stress enough how much I hate Jaime’s storyline. All the sweetness and greatness of Jaime and Brienne is ruined by the way he is driven by Cersei. What makes it worse is that I think the writing could have played up a different vibe, given Jaime some shades and layers, had him appear more clearly conflicted and torn about his path. His whole speech to Edmure just made me want to puke. And now Brienne looks foolish for thinking there is any honor in Jaime. Bookwalkers have made no bones about the negative path here compared to the books. Some are suggesting it’s like Jon’s struggles to rally the North – being played in such a way so that when the heroic moment comes it’s a Big Fucking Deal. But some of us won’t like the whiplash turnaround. And that’s if Jaime is even slated for that bit of redemption. Maybe he goes down with the Lannister ship. Ugh….

-Arya is healed miraculously? To the point she can bounce all over Braavos to lead the Waif back to her room, and then kill her? That whole sequence just seemed too unbelievable. Okay, in the dark, so her blind-girl training came in handy, but still. And I’m calling it right now, fans will be pissed that both The Waif and Blackfish died off camera. I couldn’t figure out what Jaquen’s position actually was. On the one hand, killing the Waif meant Arya was now “no one?’ makes no sense. And yet he smiles when she says she’s Arya and going home*, like that was his real goal. Is there another layer to the Faceless we haven’t seen? Maybe Jaquen was paid (by Syrio? :P ) to train Arya to be a badass, not a Faceless. Do we know if the Faceless only accept assassination commissions?

*IU wish the writing had been “I am Arya Stark and I’m going home.” No “A girl is…” I want the definitive ego statement, not that Faceless remnant.

-Everything about Meereen continues to suck. Even the giggle from Missandae and the smile from Grey Worm can’t make this interesting. Bleah. I don’t understand Varys’ plan. Go to Meereen, mope around, accomplish nothing, go back to KL? What?

-The random death count of ‘unimportant’ characters was rather high today. Lots of hiding my eyes this episode.

-One of the rare moments I enjoyed in this episode was the conversation between Beric and Dondarrion and Sandor. Glad the BWB are not the bad guys. Whew. Though if they are there, and LSH isn’t…I guess then no LSH.

-Again, the title applies to more than just one story, not just Arya. Sandor is no one, struggling to be someone who, according to Beric can make a difference for good. And Cersei is literally no one important in the Throne room. The BWB seem to be no one important – but they are smart enough to see the future lies in the North, not in wars with men.

-LSH is also no one. Should coulda been there.  The weight of her absent character, with all the Cat mentions and comparisons with Cersei, I dunno. She’s working well as subtext, but would have been so cool to have her at a reunion North too. Bittersweet and horrific though it may be.

I swear most of this was written before I read McNutt’s recap and review, but clearly GMTA! Lol
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