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There MIGHT have been a pre-credits scene in a Season 1 episode, but I'm not sure... Pretty sure there weren't any other ones, though... Loved the score in that scene. (Main reason for the pre-credits reveal was so we wouldn't see McCann's name first...)

Love Lady Mormont.

Really the Brotherhood? Yes/no.. Clarification coming up in #8.

McShane had semi-spoiled that he'd be in one where he's used to bring somebody back that everybody thinks is dead... After the first show or two, okay, it's not Jon... Lady Stoneheart, of course, was speculated, but my money was on the Hound...

Why in Stannis' camp... They said something to justify it, but... Right. So that Davos could find the thing, really.

I don't know. That speech would have been really long, and I DID like the things they had McShane say just fine... (There's a video of his old boss David Milch reading the speech from the book...)

A pre-season promo pic of Sansa had our Gate give voice to the horrific 'pregnant Sansa' thought... Yeah... It's not like GRRM or the show WOULDN'T be that cruel...
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