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The Broken Man 6X7

This felt like there was some heft to the story. I credit the development of character over plot here. Everyone seemed to be bearing under the weight of the logical consequences of their past rather than from random plotted action sequences. (with one exception*, imo) The episode tone clearly owed its gravitas to the return of Sandor.

-Ian McShane as the mentor for Sandor. But not really, because his death clearly is NOT motivating Sandor to join the sparrows or seek the path of non-violence. Is this the first time we had a hard start BEFORE the opening credits?

-My poor Jaime. Blackfish ripped you good. It makes me sad that you are not on the side of the angels. Everyone on every major GoT fan discussion seems to be mourning your character assassination in the Show. Alas.

-So many “parleys.” Jon and the Wildlings; Jon and Lady Mormont; John and House Glover; The Kingslayer and the Blackfish; The Queen of Thorns and The Queen Mother Cersei. Davos’ final speech to Lyanna Mormont was the highlight for me. Reminded me why he was a favorite when I read the books. Finally someone very clearly articulates the stakes.

-And the stakes became clearly enumerated, with House Mormont contributing 62 men to take Winterfell and face the army of the dead, while Jaime is using 8000 to lay siege to the Blackfish.

-Love Lady Mormont! So, NOT Tyrion’s bastard daughter. Lol (from a spoilery picture on Facebook that Gate teased me about)

-So Margery is playing the Game. I don’t understand the dynamics of the situation – Show fail – in terms of the military power vs political power in these machinations at KL… If I were Margery, I’d be stowing away in my Gram’s carriage…

-More indirect ties to Lady Stoneheart. o.O Was that really the Brotherhood? LSH’s actions were pretty brutal I’m told, as time went on, but I thought the Brotherhood was on the side of the small folk. Plus>>>So many “coming back” - from the dead/from despair/from prison/from stagnation…

-Arya, poor child. *What was the f#cking point of all that training, huh?

-So, the Broken Man is…. Sandor, on the surface. But several more qualify… Jaime, Theon, Edmure, others….

-Spec from various reading>>>
• Given Cersei’s Book story (really underplayed or ignored here), and bran’s visions of the Mad king and the “Burn them all” revisit, and the QoT's line about not being able to kill them all…I agree with the spec that Cersei inherits that plot. Wildfire at King's Landing to be unleashed by the Mad Queen?

• There’s some rumblings in fandom about the deck being stacked against Jon (I guess to make an impact later) when the North should be thirsting for Bolton blood. Yes Robb made mistakes and screwed up, but it was the Boltons and Freys who murdered the King of the North and his bannermen, their kin. They wouldn’t be holding out on the Starks, but glad for the leadership and ready for revenge because The North Remembers!

• So explain to me again why they are camped in Stannis’ camp? Uh…so Davos can find Shereen? 

• Someone on PTV commented that this is the season of understatements. LOL… I know there have been complaints about ‘modern day slang” taking viewers out of certain scenes, but these are just great. A sampling>
o Sansa: "We should never have left Winterfell"
o Brienn: "Jon's a bit brooding.... but under the circumstances it's understandable"
o Yara: "So you've had a bad few years"
o Septon Ray: “Never too late to come back.”

• Lots of people complaining that the show lost a great opportunity to showcase Ian McShane with Septon Ray/Meribald/Elder Brother’s speech, which many claim as some of the best writing of the whole ASoIaF series:

• Holy heck. Such a big canvas I just realized Lady Mormont is Jorah’s….. cousin?

• Wait what? People think Sansa is pregnant? Please no.

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