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The Three Eyed Raven knows stuff...maybe the future? Yet he's clueless that Bran is gonna explore on his own, and does NOT give Bran proper instruction about who can see him in the visions (The Night King!) and that he can't let the Night King touch him. Frodo KNEW and was warned about putting on the One Ring. Bran's plot should have contained those warnings, and then developed a REASON why he might want to/need to explore anyway.
I agree. It was silly that the 3-E Raven didn't explain to Bran why it was so important that he didn't go wandering off into the dream state on his own like that. Or why he shouldn't get close enough to come into contact with TNK. The way it played out made me wonder if the 3-E Raven was so ready to pass the torch to Bran that he didn't care how it all went down but the show never said or did anything to support that. Just me trying to fill in the blanks.

It does feel like the show is more concerned with the spectacle of it all rather than telling us a well thought out story. And if we only have 13 episodes left, it seems like we should know more about the White Walkers. Makes me think it will all build up to a couple big battles that may not have compelling reasons to explain them.
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