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Yeah all the vets have expressed that sentiment. They got a very lucky draw.

Not much noteworthy stuff today. They got alcohol for the 2nd straight day. Paul got drunk.

Tiffany not only looks and sounds like Vanessa she is playing the EXACT same game. Its deja vu. Same erratic emotional behavior, using the same phrases, questioning people the same way, setting up her human chess pieces the same way (michelle=liz, nic=shelli, paulie=austin, day=audrey, frank=clay, she's still looking for her steve..maybe james) its all very clear. Its really crazy to watch. Day is starting to see it and there is a slight crack developing in that alliance.

Hot and heavy showmance brewing between Zakiyah and Paulie. Corey/Nicole have crushes on each other, no showmance just yet but lots of grade school flirting.

Jozea seems to sense he needs to dial it back a bit so he was pretty subdued tonight. Though he is still clueless on what is happening and thinks hes safe.

I'm enjoying Day 2.0. Shes playing a much cleaner game this time around. She also seems to be having more fun and that makes it more fun to watch.
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