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Yeah pretty much. The 3 stooges are especially clueless, Jozea didnt even realize they vote to evict someone, he thought they vote for the person they want to keep. He has admitted the only thing he watched was a Frankie compilation video on youtube.

Other than the vets and sibs Michelle is the only other person who really knows the game. Zakiyah (who is probably one of the prettiest hamsters ever), and Corey are being coached/helped along by the vets. Zakiyah could be a real sleeper threat this season, I like her low key game so far, she gets along with everyone and she is soaking everything up like a sponge.

The powderpuffs seem to have watched some past seasons in sequester. They are all three playing a classic floater game. Not the best strategy but at least its a strategy. Bridgette is making slight inroads with the vets even though she will be the replacement nom. I think she will last the longest of the 3.

I always forget how long the first week seems to be. I really want to see a blindside on Thurs. just to see the idiots dumbfounded faces.
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