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The pixel coverups are kinda skimpy but I dont think they are skimpy enough to not be shown on tv.

Jozea is a total tool. Everyone hates him and Vic is not far behind on the hate totem pole. Those 2 along with Paul think they are running the show....they are stupid! I call them the 3 stooges. Paul who was the most offensive on tv is the least offensive of the 3 overall.

The 5 girl alliance is called fatal 5 Tiffany, Day, Nicole, Zakiyah, and Michelle. It is a smaller offshoot of the 8 person that also includes James, Frank and Corey. Paulie is loosely affiliated with them but hes too busy romancing all the girls and looking for a bromance. The girls seem pretty solid for once and if they stay tight we could have our first successful all girl alliance. Most of the house knows about Tiffany being Vans sister.

The 3 girl alliance Natalie, Bronte, Bridgette (powderpuff girls) are silly and are basically planning to float to the end. Bronte and Natalie really trying to go the showmance route. Though they swore the will not vote for a guy to win. I dont see any of them sticking around for very long.

Frank seems to be a totally different player this time around. Hes literally unrecognizable in every way. It seems he won the new comp maybe called "roadkill" (they arent allowed to talk about it yet) and thats how Paul got nominated.

I think Nic/Hayden are over. Someone (Vic or Jozea?) last night referred to him as her ex-lover. She has asked everyone not to mention him and thanked all the others for not bringing it up and got pretty upset when whichever stooge brought it up did so. She also referred to herself as single multiple times.

The 2 am meeting never really happened. It was all very silly and nobody really knew what it was about or who was invited or not. Jozea then decided he was too tired to do it so they canceled it. I have a feeling it was supposed to be a Devin type of meeting, all bluster no substance.

They have picked players for the veto comp. but comp hasnt happened yet.

This group has potential to be interesting so far.
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