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Notes from the live feeds (summarizing the LF discussion on TVCH - don’t have the feeds myself. I’ll watch BBAD if anything interesting is described.) All spec, most not confirmed or 100% definite yet…

-Live feeds on and BB didn’t tell them (yet); on for half hour, then they were told…mugging for cams, silly shoutouts, introducing themselves, like the three hour ‘premiere event hasn’t happened yet. LOL

-Some of the noobs (recruits?) think they have to explain to feedsters how BB works: what slop is; how noms work, yadayada, Oy vey

-Punishment for the 2nd to last rocket team: be naked (wearing nudie tights with fake cardboard pixel coverups…apparently skimpy as there’s talk this can’t be shown on reg. TV

-A lot of them hate Jozea-even people in his “alliance”; has said lots of annoying/creepy/unpatriotic/mean stuff…

-Noobs and vets seem to be blending.

-Girl alliance of Bridget-Bronte-Natalie; House mocking them; Bridg won’t share a DOUBLE bed to respect her BF back home !!! Nat can't have boys in her room? Whaaaaa???

-Alt (hidden?) girl alliance: Zakiyah, Day, Nicole, Michelle, maybe Tiffany??? Calling themselves the New Brigade? That would be awesome.

-Debate over the vote numbers by posters, HG saying 8-3/7-4….which implies the new power might be to cut a voter (15 HG - 2 noms – HoH=12 not 11)
--------------oh wait...there are THREE noms....

-2 AM House Meeting but some deliberately not invited (to be undated)
--------the meeting appears to be a sermon of some sort from “the messiah” (Jozea) about how they're gonna play the rest of the game out. Everyone but Nicole, Michelle, Frank, and James were invited.

-Debate about Nicole’s relationship status (she’d flirty, open to showmance?). Her FB page says she’s still in a relationship with Hayden Voss, but Sucks hasn’t uncovered recent pics of the two??? But there’s this: https://mobile.twitter.com/haydenvoss_/status/745797853403037696 But Nic may be showmancing with Victor… (I liked him. Goofy kid. But maybe he’s a creep?) Victor and Natalie already showmanced and broke up! Tears and drama and the whole nine yards…

-Zakiyah may be showmancing with Paulie.

-PAUL is also nominated? There’s three noms? There’s a nomination COUCH instead of two chairs.

-2 AM House Meeting but some deliberately not invited (UPDATE)
--------meeting seems to be about how to get Paulie out (Silly Nicole, PAWNS GO HOME.) Day seems to have wormed her way into the noobs, she's at the meeting??? but really playing them, laughing at them behind their backs, snickering when they think they have control. (Apparently they are counting some people as “with them” – like Tiffany, who Day knows is NOT.) Big Blindside coming???? This is one of the differences with Survivor: a 3 day turnaround makes blindsides more possible, whereas the veto and week long wait make flipflops likely on BB.

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