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Bye Glenn......

Tiffany sounds so much like Vanessa it kinda makes me do a double take everytime i hear her. She looks like her but the voice and speech patterns are exactly the same. Lets just hope for my feed watching sake she doesnt talk as much as her sister did. And yes I'm almost positive James saw pics of Tiff during Vans HOHs.

I liked Nicole the first time so I'm ok with her being back. James is James, its ok too. Not really sure why we got Davonne back (and so quick). Outside of her blow-up with Audrey and figuring out the twins, I dont recall her being especially noteworthy or interesting....weird. Frank looks soooo different, is it just the haircut or something else? I know alot of people didnt like him on his season but I didn't mind him. He wasnt a great strategist but he was great in comps. He fell victim to Dans mist. He seems much quieter and somewhat smarter in the little we've seen thus far. I could have named a dozen other former hamsters I would rather have had back but I dont hate any of them so thats something I guess.

None of the newbies have impressed me yet. Victor is nice to look at. Jozea and Paul are both annoying and way too cocky. I wasnt a Cody fan and Paulie is following in his footsteps. The girls havent gotten much screentime yet so I'll reserve judgement for now. Well except helium voice who I'm almost sure will drive me batty lol.

15 mins til live feeds!
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