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Feeds will start tomorrow night.

Okay, bring on our summer freak show.....

Season 14 (2012), Frank placed 7th out of 16. If I'd met Frank somewhere, I wouldn't immediately have recognized him, but it would tug at me, like 'I know you from somewhere..'

Season 16, Nicole placed 7th out of 16, but (as people here quickly pointed out and held against her) she had been evicted earlier and got to come back in... Paulie's brother Cody came in second.

Season 17, Da'Vonne was 16th out of 17, James came in 7th, and Tiffany's sister Vanessa came in third.

No, would not have to be told that Paulie is Cody's brother (but I wouldn't have remembered Cody's name unless I studied before going in...). And DEFINITELY wouldn't be fooled for an instant about Tiffany. Didn't James see pictures of Tiffany while Vanessa was HOH and make some amusing and quasi-inappropriate remarks about her, or was that some other guy? We met Tiffany in Van's 'family-watching-the-show' packages, didn't we?

I love Nicole.
I find Bronte, Bridgette, and Michelle attractive.
Natalie is cute but really annoying.
Michelle is kinda annoying.
I totally see that Bronte would/will bug people, but I think she's kinda charming.
I'd attach to Bridgette the most, though, I think. I like nurses.
Three teachers is kinda weird.

Paulie comes off like a jerk.
I didn't like Jozea at all.
I was going to say 'wait, I don't think Paul is that bad' but that was before I came to the competitions and how he behaved during them...

If Da'Vonne has grown and learned over the last year, it all evaporated soon after she returned to the house... Her crying at the end (happy tears 'cuz they won) was amusing, because it LOOKED like how she'd have reacted if they'd lost...

James is James. He was popular and 'a character' enough that I did figure they'd have him come back sometime, but I'm maybe a little surprised it's a back-to-back...

Natalie made me think 'Hot Rachel' a little (from UnReal, which is back as strong as last year - you watching, KMI?).

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