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I'm behind in getting into BB mode this season. Haven't checked out much beyond their pics. I think Codys brother will be outed right off the bat. They look way too much alike. Vanessas sister looks like her too but not quite as much as Codys brother. I think she will be outed soon too though because once the hamsters figure out the first one they will be looking for others. One of the girls said in her write up the she avidly watches the feeds so it shouldn't be that hard. I also noticed one of the guys last name Arroyo and wondered if he might be JennCitys brother but I cant find anything in a quick search so probably not. I remember so little about her except that she slept all season lol.

Not sure how I feel about coaches, I didn't love it the first time but that season ended up ok. A lot will depend on who the coaches end up being. I can't fathom the thought of Van/Derrick in the house together. That could lead to serious exhaustion trying to watch feeds.
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