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I agree the pacing seems to be 'off' but this show does have a history of slow build so I'll cut it some slack. I do think we have not heard the last of Martha. She's actually still 'en route' so maybe she tries to dodge in Prague?

I think Nina's death was intended to propel this whole 'turn' Oleg (Borov) plot that keeps being hinted with Stan. Maybe they are gonna play with the "MAD balance" and show how one side wins something (Martha's info/escape) and then the other side (Stan turns Oleg).

That was an awesome scene with Elizabeth and Paige - I also wonder if it's going to be Paige who ends up approving of the execution of the minister and family and who she decides. I can easily see Elizabeth laying out the options for Paige if things get dicey, and rubbing her nose in the decision. Paige's ultimate loyalty could be an end game... Is she an "American?" Does she put her family ahead of politics (leading to support for the Soviets if P/E stay loyal) or does she ever see the Soviet side of the political/military/spy game POV? I have to admit I wasn't a big Paige fan but they've twisted the story into a place I'm interested in seeing develop.
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