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At one point during that conversation, I thought Melisandre might tell Davos they'd have to find Thoros of Myr. Didn't she cross paths with him on the show? I wonder how different Jon will be after this. I know Beric Dondarrion changed after each resurrection. And after being dead for so long, Lady Stoneheart was only a sliver of Catelyn Stark.

***I wrote that^^^ before I read the article linked above me, lol.

There's speculation that Tyrion is a Targ. Talking to the dragons added some fuel to that fire. This is the first I've heard of the theory, and I haven't looked into who they think his father may be.

Plenty of cheers for KINGSMOOT, which would mean more to Gate than it does to me. Of all of the hours I spent on ASOIAF wiki, I didn't look into the Iron Islands characters much at all.
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