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Yes as much as I hate the internet and cell phone sometimes I can't imagine having to look for a payphone to call somebody in an emergency.

The other thing to think about is how women were rarely in positions of authority in those days. Martha considered her life a failure because she wasn't married. She had a good job but she would never be an agent she would continue to be a secretary.

One of the issues I have with the show is Keri Russell as a Russian agent. Especially a Russian agent who can beat up guys. Russell looks nothing like any of the Russian people I knew in that time and I knew hundreds because our church was Russian Orthodox. And as far as the martial arts business that is a complete fabrication as well. Did she learn it when she was a teenager or what and where does she practice it? In order to maintain proficiency in the Arts you have to go several times a week and practice. So I find this little snip of a girl who looks like a total Presbyterian to be completely unrealistic for the role. In the meantime the people the residence and even Nina look completely realistic. The actor who plays Philip could pass maybe.
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