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Yeah. I follow his Facebook posts... I liked him very much as an actor on TP and Carnivàle, but he's kind of a fucking loon. Goes on bizarre rants, seems very bitter and angry and mean a lot of the time. It's said the cast that attends conventions and stuff is always uncomfortable around him - doesn't want to attend if he's there...

All these people... Up-and-comers, long-respected character actors, big names... But they 'low-balled' Anderson, and couldn't work it out? Weird.

(MJA did work with Lynch again in Mulholland Dr., and 'Ronnie Rocket' - he would have been the star - was one of those Lynch Things That Never Happened....)

Disappointed not to see Piper Laurie, since she'd said she was up to doing it.

This is VERY close to 'everybody', though. It's a great showing of the original cast.
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