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I was not crazy about the last two. I found myself very angry at Chuck and I thought it was extraordinarily stupid of Jimmy to admit that he had changed the documents. Especially after Kim warned him. It also makes me angry that Chuck is such an asshole. I don't know how anybody could be that crappy to their sibling especially when Jimmy has been there every time he has one of his meltdown.

They are so different in age they would have been like two different families it seems to me that Jimmy would have been sort of a menopause child. If you look at the actors ages Chuck is almost 70 and Jimmy isn't even mid fifties. It cracked me up when they said male incoming mid-fifties, when Chuck is almost 70 and he sure looks it.

I found myself much more interested in looking forward to see what Mike was doing. When he almost shot Hector I thought for sure he was going to have a slight miss and that would be what paralyzed Hector and put him in the wheelchair. So I wasn't thrilled with this season and I was particularly not thrilled with the ending.
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