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Prince tribute last night was really cool.

Jimmy Fallon stood on home base without an audience and introduced clips and told the story of Prince at the after party for the 40th anniversary last year...

They showed all of Prince's four appearances on the show, never-aired footage of that party, and 4 of the 7 Prince Show sketches that Fred Armisen and Maya Rudolph did between '04 and '07...

Prince was 22 when he debuted on SNL on 2.21.81 (Season 6, 11th show).. Charlene Tilton hosting... Todd Rundgren had been the main musical guest and done two numbers... Prince was an additional guest towards the end of the show... 'Party Up'. This was a big night in SNL history for another couple of reasons... Charles Rocket said 'fuck' on the air, and he, producer Jean Doumanian, Gilbert Gottfried, and (another cast member) Ann Risley were all fired - the show took a month-long break and came back for just two more shows to finish the season.... Episode also marked the first time Eddie Murphy did 'Mr. Robinson's Neighborhood'...

9.24.89 - 15th anniversary show, preceding the season premiere by a week... 'Electric Chair'.

2.4.06 - Steve Martin (14th time as host, he's done 15, Alec is now ahead by one...), 31.12. 'Fury' and 'Beautiful, Loved & Blessed' with Tamar.

11.1.14 - Chris Rock (40.5) hosting. 'Clouds', 'Marz', 'Another Love'... Rare, for sure, but I don't know if it's the only time it's ever happened... Instead of the usual two sets (or occasional-but-rare third), Prince did one long set... Lady with him is 3RDEYEGIRL.

2.16.15, wee hours of the morning, Jimmy recalled it was past 4:30... 'Let's Go Crazy'. Jimmy, Chris Rock, Maya, others, jamming with Prince at the Plaza... Lot of great energy and joy in this - really glad we got to see it... Edit - ooh, more, different footage, shot by Tim Kazurinsky -

Time was then filled out with four Prince Show sketches - #3, from 10.9.04 with Queen Latifah; #4, a 12.18.04 Christmas one with De Niro; #6, with Steve Martin - Prince is THERE that night, but they did not do the Real Person Confronts His/Her Impersonator bit that we'd been expecting; #7, the final 'Prince Show' from 4.14.07, with Shia LaBeouf.

Fred played Prince eleven times between '04 and '12.
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