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With Gaad saying that he didn't thing Oleg would respond well to blackmail, I'm assuming they had gathered intel that Stan could use to manipulate him into a friendship....which is what Stan's condolences about Oleg's brother was all about.

In a way, est is still around--
"est, Inc." evolved into "est, an Educational Corporation", and eventually into "Werner Erhard & Associates". In 1991 the business was sold to the employees who formed a new company called Landmark Education with Erhard's brother, Harry Rosenberg, becoming the CEO.[28] Landmark Education was structured as a for-profit, employee-owned company; it operates with a consulting division called Vanto Group.

It sounds more like enlightenment training than Scientology to me. est was only a 60 hour course and there's no Xenu involved, lol.
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