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I actually like how his character has been developing over time, mostly. He has always been conflicted moreso that Elizabeth, and between thinking Paige might be recruited, and Gene, I think he's got PTSD type trauma finally surfacing. It can be dormant for decades.

I see this all the time with middle school kids, who were borderline this-n-that (like ADD) but then cross over the line when the hormones and stress hit. Lots of time people can cope with a lot - like the camel and the straws - and then.....one more thing happens.

I was actually pleased Paige went to the pastor. I was really hoping she didn't become some mini-mom super spy all of the sudden. It makes sense to me that she will be conflicted by her parents' lives, but in fact lean HEAVILY towards acceptance of the culture she has been raised in. Research consistently shows that parents and teachers are much further down on the list when it comes to teen influence. It's all about the peers and the culture from 12-20. In fact, Phillip and Elizabeth did their jobs too well assimilating. Paige would be riper for recruitment if she felt alienated and lonely and angry. :P

I also really liked the stuff with Martha, and the stuff with the residentura.

The plots with the scientist and Nina bores me, but everything else is working and I enjoyed the premiere.


I forget...they are NOT working her real life pregnancy into the show, right? (So weird to me for some reason that she and Matthew Rhys are a couple IRL.)

Good 'new season' article: http://www.newyorker.com/culture/culture-desk/the-cruel-irony-of-the-americans
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