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There are certain actors that I don't particularly like or think they chose roles that are very shallow. Bradley Cooper is one, that I think is overrated in Hollywood and most of the roles he is cast in don't do him any favors. Although, I did manage to seat through American Sniper, and while there is violence, his character is very believable. Personally, I dislike him playing opposite Jennifer Lawrence --- another overrated actor with little talent.

I did see Trumbo and thought Bryan Cranston was excellent in that film. Cranston is a classically trained actor and it's difficult to compare him with DiCiaprio. I liked The Revenant and Trumbo equally well.

I have yet to see Bridge of Spies, The Martian , The Danish Girl or Brooklyn. I am anxious to see Eddie Reymayne in the Danish Girl as he gave an amazing performance in The Theory of Everything. I have absolutely no desire to see Mad Max: Fury Road, Star Wars: The Force Awakens or Steve Jobs. I am not into action or science fiction movies.

Since I watch very few tv shows (did like Mad Men though, and Lost up until the last season) except for news, sports or documentaries....can't comment on any actors in tv roles.
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