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While it's maybe not all THAT important (we're not gonna judge each other too harshly if we discuss something in the 'wrong' topic, I'm sure)... yeah, 'classic' kinda sorta usually denotes 'good' (not that there is ever universal agreement on what that is...) and I'd say 'OLDER' (than ten years), but going by how Gate set up the threads...

In theaters now or coming soon

Modern movies (the last ten years) - if it's out on dvd or cable or Netflix or Amazon Prime or...

Classic movies - Are those, say, older than ten years.

There is a Star Wars thread.

There are/were Hunger Games and Twilight threads.

The modern/classic designations are pretty arbitrary... I think most of us read both anyway, right? And though Krystal never goes to a theater to see a movie (and many of us rarely do, these days), it's still fair game to peek in that thread...

If discussing a huge spoiler, the spoiler bars are good. Within reason. I'd say '___ dies in SW:TFA' should probably be behind a spoiler bar (although Gate DID add a 'spoilers posted' to the topic, so... entering the thread DOES mean you've been warned that spoilers are being openly discussed), but 'Darth Vader is Luke's father', 'Rosebud was the sled', 'Norman Bates is also his Mom' are pretty fair game, you know?
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