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SOD: The Story behind Ciara's shocking rape!

She was told by AA and JG that this was going to happen well in advance. She didn't discuss this with anyone. She watched videos of when Sami was raped and to see how far the show takes these types of scenes. She also read up on other's women's stories and how it effects them.

She didn't do much work with JM before these scenes took place because they wanted it to be realistic and spontaneous. When she had to film this, she was calm at first and got nervous when the scenes began to take place. After the scenes were done she wanted some time to herself and she cried. Producer Janet Spellman-Drucker was supportive with her. Many people were crying after these scenes too.

So now where is Ciara? She's broken, guilt ridden and ashamed. She begins to act out. She hopes that Ciara's journey will help others and strike a chord with the viewers. She talks about RAINN & NSVRC.
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