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SOD: Joey Murders Ava!

Joey is overwhelmed by what Ava has done to him and his family so he kills her. This was driven by booze and emotion. He's not rational. Steve comes in just at this time and takes the fall for his son. Steve wants to protect his son and he gets him away from the crime soon. When Joey goes home, Kayla knows something is amiss and she's about to question him but the phone rings and she has to go to the hospital. Kayla is shocked and as a Doctor doesn't want anyone to die. Joey finally realizes what he has done when he goes back to the hospital with his Mom. He's guilt ridden that his Dad is taking the fall for him. Privately, Steve tells Joey to be quiet about what actually happened and Joey listens to his Dad. After his Dad is taken to the Police Station, Joey's guilt gets the better of him and he confesses to Kayla what actually happened. She is terrified for her son and like Steve, wants to protect him. Kayla and Steve finally get a chance to talk privately where she tells him that she knows the truth. She doesn't want people to find out the truth but she also wants to prove Steve innocent by showing that it was self - defense. Roman questions Steve and things don't add up. They find Joey's blood on Ava's pillow and Steve says that Joey came in after the deed was done. When Steve is in his cell, he's trying to figure out different angles to get out of this mess. There's going to be some twists with this. There's someone working behind the scenes to get him off and to be home with his family.

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